I don't know about you guys, but it was epic!!!!!!

I am very impressed that they would go that intense in a filler almost like a Movie . The animation has far exceed my expectation, love the fight, and the main story line which we hadnt had that kind of storyline in naruto for a while because recently we've been focused on too much akaski and the war.

To be quite honest, the fighting in this episode was better then some of the 7 swordsmen fillers which is disappointing.

I can see so much potential in this arc, if they can keep up the good pace of the storyline and the fighting animation.

I really liked Yamato's shield and Sai's water proof ink dragon. I also liked how we got some insight into how Kabuto come to perfect his Edo tensei and how he managed to get enough genetic material to perform the jutsu in the first place.

Sakura owning hayate was awesome like she just saw the opening and was like "sorry sensei *bam!* If fillers counted sakura would be much more likeable to everyone and to prove that she is useful.

Best of all, we've get to see Hidan revived for the water source that kabuto just did.

So what's your thought about this, are you happy, disappointed or you just don't care? Cause I am !!!!