Rei R/R
All Out
No Stealing
Mid range
Terrain: generic field with no water

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@[email protected] Activates 1 tomoe Sharingan.

Upon seeing you enter the battlefield, Chaikoka performs three hand seals, raising ten flat pieces of stone protruding no higher than ground level around you in a circle. The slabs immediately release tornadoes of lightning on top of them, in which they then converge in a swirling motion onto you, ending in an electrical explosion.

(Raiton: Buzoku no San no Keimusho)- Lightning Release: Tribal Sun Prison
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Range: Mid-Long
Chakra cost: 40
Damage points: 80
Description: The user will perform three hand seals, and then raise ten, flat rectangular pieces of stone from the ground in a circle formation bordering the outside of short range around the opponent. The rectangular stones protrude no higher than the ground, being compared to something like a concrete sidewalk. After they rise to the ground, the user will create large tornadoes of lightning on top of each stone rectangle that shoot up seven feet into the air. This is achieved by the user channeling lightning chakra into the stone, similar to the action in Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind. As they appear, they begin to rapidly spin around the inside of the circle of stones, converging on the opponent. Once successfully converged around the opponent, the tornadoes combine into one massive fifteen foot tornado, creating a deadly electrical explosion.
Note: Can only be taught by Selendrile
Note: No S-rank lightning on the same or next turn
Note: Usable twice per battle

Once finished, Chaikoka performs a single hand seal. He implants his chakra into your brain, where it'll remain dormant until it's activated or fades away.

(Genjutsu: Kyuumin Shobatsu)- Illusionary Technique: Dormant Punishment

Type: Supplementary/Offensive
Rank: A
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage: 60
Description: The user will channel their chakra into their opponent's chakra via the Rat seal. The user's chakra will then remain dormant until the victim uses a technique B-rank or above. The resulting amount of chakra needed will cause the user's chakra to activate like a switch to cause the affects of the illusion. As the victim begins to channel their chakra for the technique they use, they will see several spiked chains shoot up and restrain them, wrapping all around their body and dragging them to the ground. The chains will gradually become tighter and tighter and the victim will feel the spikes of the chains sinking deeper into their bodies and also the lack of air from being restricted. Eventually, after so much tension, the victims will fall unconscious.
~This technique remains dormant for 3 turns only
~The technique (if activated) will render one's opponent unconscious after 2 turns.
~Can be used 3 times per battle

Lastly, he manipulates his chakra and releases a large fireball at wherever you may be at the time. He moves slightly to his left in order to maintain a visual with you as well as it leaves his mouth.

(Katon: Gōka no Jutsu) - Fire Release: Hellfire Technique

Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra cost: 30
Damage points: 60
Description: The user will manipulate their chakra and breath out from their mouth a large fireball that travels at the opponent. As it reaches the opponent it bursts into a maelstrom of fire engulfing them in flames.