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    Kisame vs Third Raikage - Kisame wins.

    (Note: This is based on Kisame, spewing water everywhere at the start.)

    So, what does Kisame have?

    Raw Speed
    Both Shippuden encounters with Gai has shown us that is pushed to open nearly all the gates for him to match and overwhelm him, despite being someone who focuses almost solely on high-speed taijutsu.

    Kisame easily dodged Gai's attack just previous to this and at this point managed to quick fire a jutsu at Gai and carry on escaping. He has also been shown to match Bee's speed prior to this, albeit barely.

    Monstrous Endurance and Strength

    During his encounter with Asuma, he was able to easily match Asuma who was using two chakra blades and using maximum effort, whilst Kisame was wielding Samehada with one hand, holding it at the tip.

    He has even survived Hirudora; despite it being a one-hit kill technique.

    Even after that, he broke out of Yamato's stocks and stopped Aoba from reading his mind.

    Abnormally high levels of Chakra

    Named "The Tailless Tailed Beast", many characters have commented on his large chakra supplies. Neji commented on the fact that his chakra supplies are comparable to that of Narutos.

    Moving on to Sandaime Raikage...

    Monstrous Endurance and Strength

    Manage to fend of 10,000 Shinobi for three days straight presumably without any aid from pills.

    He's also managed to repeatedly restrain the Hachibi when it's Jinchuriki lost control.

    High levels of Chakra

    He has shown us that he can use one of the Treasured Tools, Kohaku no Jouhei, which he used to seal the Hachibi.

    Proficiency with Lightning

    Able to use the Lightning Armour, his famed dangerous Hell Stab technique and his Black Lightning, few are able to match his Lightning prowess.

    So, who wins?

    I believe Kisame wins, why? For the most part, they can cancel each other out but, there is one problem for the Raikage. Lightning's unique relationship with Water. Water can conduct and empower Lightning techniques and essentially throw the attacks users back at them, for this reason alone, Kisame wins.
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