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    Dexter last episode Spoilers

    This last ep was kinda dissapointing.
    I dont like the way they killed Isaac, He was one of the baddest villains Dexter has seen and to kill him of blabbering about love while bleeding out on Dexters boot didnt do him justice at all imo.
    LaGuearta is getting pretty close and i wonder how much Mathews really knows about Dexter, in another thread someone said he might be the next villain and by the looks of things this might not be to far of.
    Deborahs acting was kinda shady this ep, telling Dexter, 'i'll be fine' came of way to cheesy imo.
    And Hannah did not like Dexter confessing his love to her, she looked like she started to feel trapped already, so i dont think this will last, even though i want them to
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    Re: Dexter last episode Spoilers

    Hannah seems to attract killers, and there's definitely something shady going on with her. As for Matthews, well he's known things about Dexter, because of how close he was with Dexter's and Debra's father.

    If I had to guess, I would say they're building up for the final season(Which I heard was supposed to be season 8) with LaGuerta's investigation into the Bay Harbor Butcher, it seems like Dexter will have a tough time next season.

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