I've always thought that Masaki was always more than a normal human the only problem was I could never figure out whether she was a Shinigami or Quincy but, it's been practically confirmed that she is in fact a Quincy...now to the main point of this thread does anyone think that...

Masaki could still be alive?

Despite that she is known as dead could she still be alive my answer would be...it's possible I looked through the manga to Ichigo's battle with Grand fisher and despite Ichigo always saying that Grand fisher killed Masaki, Grand fisher never confirmed it...but this also might be the translation I am reading from Mangareader so you know.

Grand fisher's response was always he can't remember that far back even though he claimed that Ichigo was the weakest Shinigami he had ever seen and Grand fisher had been alive 50 years plus if I remember so how can he remember all them shinigami and not Ichigo or Masaki, he even couldn't remember her after he searched Ichigo's memories...so what's the deal.

I know a lot of people will be wondering what am I going on about just because he never confirmed it doesn't mean anything...but that's also wrong in Bleach, it was the same when Isshin was shown to be a Shinigami we all overlooked the fact that he never once called Kon Ichigo.

So I'll ask again is it possible that Masaki could still actually be alive?

It would be very difficult to understand why she wouldn't go back to the Kurosaki family if she was but I believe that's been answered as well.

Now though I also think Kubo put this page in for a reason.

It's true Ichigo know's nothing of Masaki and in extension either do we.

Flame me tell me I'm stupid I don't really care, heard them all before, but I remember making a thread saying Ichigo was part Quincy and being called stupid and thread saying Masaki was a Quincy and being called stupid so we'll just have to see.