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    ► Rohasus GFX Shop ◄

    Rohasus GFX Shop
    Shop Workers: Rohasu

    ► All Narutobase rules apply here.
    ► HQ stocks and renders only.
    ► Give credits to our shop in your signature.
    ► Be patient with your request, do not bug us about it everday.
    ► Please try to be clear, makes things easier when making your request.
    ► Please provide a working link to your render/stock
    ► Please try to keep the stock/render family friendly.
    ► if slots are full when you request it will be declined, once a slot is open resubmit your request.

    Worker Slots
    1. OPEN
    2. OPEN
    3. OPEN
    4. OPEN
    5. OPEN

    -Frost Knight-
    1. OPEN
    2. OPEN
    3. OPEN
    4. OPEN
    5. OPEN

    1. OPEN
    2. OPEN
    3. OPEN
    4. OPEN
    5. OPEN

    Special Slots for Moderators, Renowned GFXERS, and of course kumo members
    All workers
    1. OPEN
    2. OPEN
    3. OPEN
    4. OPEN
    5. OPEN
    6. OPEN
    7. OPEN
    8. OPEN
    9. OPEN
    10. OPEN

    Request Form
    Other details:

    Some of my work

    -Frost Knight-'s Work

    -Stencil-'s Work

    How to credit
    Put: Rohasus GFX Shop in your signature.

    *NOTE: I no longer make air signatures, so please do not request that type of signature. Thanks!

    Credits to Marimo for the layout of work slots, request form, rules (kinda copied but put a twist in there lol), etc. etc.!
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