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For the case people really want to know as why the results are like this:

- Marvinkid got DQ because he had IP matches with at least 5 people who voted for him and most of them are beyond all doubt accounts made solely to vote for him in the contest.

- Killer Vision lost two votes because they had an IP match with him. This doesn't necessarily mean they're alts as I sincerely doubt they were, however there are several ways as how you could share an IP with someone, but it's our policy in all our contests that we have to subtract such votes, even when we are almost certain it are two different people. It's not the most ideal solution, but seeing our limited resources it's the most fair one.

- hyuzhiha got DQ because, outside that he had IP matches with two other people, he asked several people to vote for him in PM, even trying to bribe them.

So hence the final results.
never expected these kind of stuff from hyuziha.