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    Irony and my end to Itachi>Nagato/Kabuto arguments

    Please Read before posting dumb comments, I try to be respectful toward other people's opinions so please give me this courtesy.

    People say that EMS Sasuke can defeat Itachi, but Nagato can beat Sasuke, but Itachi is smart enough to beat Nagato?

    Also goes for Kabuto......I don't get it.

    I know you're going to say well one guy defeating another doesn't mean that they can't win against someone else, but the main argument people give to Itachi is that he wins with his wit.....but he can't win against Sasuke at this point with his intelligence, but can solo Nagato and Kabuto even when Sasuke has just about the exact same moveset?

    I know I'll prob get flamed but Nagato>Itachi even as a cripple due to him most likely being able to shinra tensei away Totsuke blade, Bansho Ten'in is manipulating gravity and not a direct chakra attack, which means that Yata mirror prob won't be able to block it either. Itachi doesn't have the one man strength to destroy Chibaku Tensei.

    However, Itachi can still win due to Nagato being immobile sometimes; but if Nagato was not immobile then he would 100% win every single time. I am comparing their strengths as a whole if both were at their peak.

    Kabuto may have lost to Izanami(which again I still see as a deus ex machina) but considering that Itachi was an edo at the time, we can't fully say what would have happened if he were to be alive instead. Kabuto did fatally wound him as an edo before the activation, and to activate Izanami means that one must replicate a certain chain of movements.

    Itachi sacrificed his eye for this, and we still don't know the type of backlash he might get from it if he were still alive, and not even as an edo would he have lowered his defense at all since he was at risk of being sealed. Thus, it can be assumed that Itachi's defense was at 100% as an edo, meaning he would most likely have died before getting Izanami.

    People say Itachi wasn't going serious and that he could have sealed kabuto before hand, but Kabuto has proved to be fast enough to dodge Sasuke's Arrow which is a lot faster than a Susanoo swing. Also Amaterasu can be dodged by skin shedding, and Kabuto's chakra is vastly superior.

    It can also be assume that Itachi won't activate Izanami at the start of battle, because he did that as a "LAST RESORT" after analyzing that all the other techs were ineffective and also cost him his eye. Being an edo means he didn't care about losing an eye just like that, but if he were alive, that could be a whole different story.

    EMS Sasuke>Itachi
    My theory on EMS Sasuke winning is the fact that I believe Totsuka Blade can be blocked by Sasuke's Susanoo. The susanoo is just chakra solidified(if I'm not mistaken) and to be sealed, you must hit the user directly(As we've seen when Itachi chopped off Oro's Eight headed snake heads without sealing it)

    The Blade might not be powerful enough to break through the Susanoo to hit sasuke, but if it could then maybe Itachi could win. I'd say it's a 60% chance of Sasuke winning each time.

    That is my analysis and thank you for reading.
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