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    Awards Showcase

    [Grand RP Tournament] Xmas Edition - Rules


    Ok people, its time for a new Grand RP Tournament! In this Special Xmas Edition the tournament will follow a more common sudden death setup with no losers bracket. Applications can be found here. The prize pool is really really tempting so take your risk and try your luck out!

    Battle Rules

    -Rei's R&R
    -Killing and Stealing: Allowed
    -CJs: Allowed
    -CEs: Allowed
    -Range: Mid-range
    -Terrain: Plain field without a water source.
    -Each fight needs to finish in 7 days, upon which they'll be closed and graded by RP mods
    -Arguments are to be done exclusively through VM (not PM or MSN). Moderators opinions can only be asked twice per match, with the 3rd time pertaining to a final decisive judging. If a member needs to ask for a moderators input, he/she must do so through this thread and not directly to the Moderators. Following the template and the rules of the thread is essential
    -If a participant doesn't reply for more than 4 complete days, his opponent wins the match by default
    -Failing to abide any of the rules of the tournament may lead to default defeat
    -Maker of the thread has the right of first move
    -Both fighters need to link their bios and valid customs threads in their first post

    Main Prizes:
    -Restricted Battle Test Requiring Bio
    -Jinchuriki Bio
    -7SM Sword, the Goddess of Fire and the Goddess of Wind
    -2X EIG Training
    -2X Sound Release
    -6X Fuuinjutsu permission
    -4X CM

    (18 prizes total)

    1st Place:
    -1st Pick from Prize Pool
    -4 Prizes (only one of the following: Restricted bio, Jinchuriki bio or 7SM Sword)

    2nd Place:
    -2nd Pick from Prize Pool
    -3 Prizes (only one of the following: Restricted bio, Jinchuriki bio or 7SM Sword)

    3rd Place:
    -3rd Pick from Prize Pool
    -2 Prizes (only one of the following: Restricted bio, Jinchuriki bio or 7SM Sword)

    4th to 12th Place:
    -Pick in order from the remaining prize Pool
    -1 Prize

    Prize Rules

    -If a prize has rules pertaining to the bios that can gain it (like the 7SM, Sound Release, or EIG), you need to be sure that the bio you are entering the tournament with can have it otherwise you can't claim the prize.

    -During the tournament you cannot change the bio you're participating with. You're bound to it during the tournament and breaking this rule qualifies for a loss by default.

    -Because the tournament is all out, customs included, you are required to have a viable, valid CJ thread. Failing to have one may be grounds for not accepting your application or to lose the tournament.

    -If you want to claim the restricted bio prize, you need to be sure you're eligible fully for the bio as you won't be granted any waiting time to drop a bio once the tournament ends. You need to be sure that by the time you finish the tournament, you can drop the required bios and that you fullfill all the requirements for the restricted bio you're claiming. Also, you need to fulfill all the requirements to have the bio so if you don't have a valid sensei status, you can't claim an MS bio.

    -Only free Jinchuriki bios can be claimed.

    -You can't, through this tournament, gain a Madara, Obito or Naruto bios or any bio on hold.

    Good luck and have fun!!!
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