I think that promoting a better sexual conduct on guys is really important and that is why I made this thread.
There are more important things in life that just "a hook up".
Guys, I'm really disappointed and disillusioned about this fact. I'm not being biased when I talk about this matter.

My last bf just left me like a month ago just because he wanted to sleep with me already and I told him that I wasn't ready for that jump.
He never told me he left me because of that but from my perspective:
-Everything was great, we used to have fun and I was (am) ridiculously in love with him even when he wasn't that "good looking" guy. But I liked him because he never pushed me to do anything and everything happened very naturally. He used to take me to places and we used to have lasting conversations. Suddenly he asked me when were we gonna sleep together. I explained him the fact that I wasn't (still not) ready for that. He insisted a couple of times more and after a week he just broke up with me saying that "he needed some time and space for himself".
Now he's seeing another girl who is known to be a big ***** and rumor has it that she has slept with half the school's guys and she's only 17 just like me.

Guys, no one is supposed to jump to a sexual relationship where there isn't love... there are things that take time in life like to feel that you are fully prepared for such an important decision as it is having your first sexual relationship.

Love someone and wait for the right moment when you both feel that the natural time for you has arrived. There's more time than life, says my Granny. Don't rush into something you might regret later on. For your safety and for the one you really love's safety. Let it flow... stop being retards like my bf.

If all guys are only after that "one" thing I rather be with girls ... so grow up ya'all!!! I'm serious!