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    Quick clarification on Ichigo's power level.

    So I was just reading through a bunch of other forum posts and I seem to constantly come across people who complain about Ichigo receiving too many power ups. I just want to point out a few things that I believe to be true. Of course I could be wrong, and I welcome any fact checks.

    Ok so number 1.
    Ichigo being a Quincy and having Quincy powers is and should not be a shock. I mean come on, a lot of speculation has been put into his mother being a Quincy. So why is it that when it turns out to be true people are like "OH MAN WHAT THE EFF MAN THAT'S SO OP"

    Number 2.
    Ichigo's Post-Dangai powers.
    Gone. Finito. Finished lol. Those went away the moment he collapsed and woke up. Proof is here Rukia tells him that the time on his body was reversed. That would mean the powers went back to normal too. I can't see them staying as powerful as they were and then just staying a part of the dormant reiatsu he had. So they went away when his body recovered, simple as that.

    Number 3.
    Our boy Ichigo got his ass WHIPPED by Juha Bach (Quincy Würgen
    Zuknallen?) and then one upped by Haschwald. Can he REALLY be all that powerful? I don't think so. I get that those two are bosses but...cmon that was just too easy.

    Number 4.
    Finally my last's a manga. The main character's must stay at the center. And powerful at that. Think about it, if he stayed at the same power level and didn't develop he'd be as utterly useless Yamcha...
    And no one wants to be a Yamcha.

    The End.
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