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    Tobirama senju explain :d

    first of all good day NB :D

    Well , this thread is about how tobirama senju able to cast a HIGH LEVEL SUITON in a place where there is no water...
    and probably this ability also is the key for his S/T jutso [ its really not an S/T but effect somewhat like teleporting ]...

    Here in naruto part 1 , TOBIRAMA counters HIRUZEN katon with suiton with no available water source in the area :

    it was said that TOBIRAMA was performing high level suiton jutso with practically no water...
    So the idea that comes in mind is simply he can manipulate water vapor in the air...
    which is bisically readily available when ever there is air... TOBIRAMA can condense invisible water vapor right out of thin air... [ if you are familiar with AVATAR this technique is also being us by KATARA the water bender ] Im just saying that
    the idea of manipulating water is also the same with TOBIRAMA..

    So if TOBIRAMA CAN MANIPULATE invisible water vapor in the atmoshphere (air) ; Maybe he can also manipulate his own physique which is by the way also made up of water (how many percent I dont really exactly know) then by making his own physique turn into vapor he can travel in the atmosphere then shows up ... Which may appear as teleporting.....Minato said that the level of S/T the second hokage is like not really high ... maybe because of the water vapor travels a lot slower ...

    Or maybe im just wrong :D
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