I actually like this new arc, it is nice to see some new story apart from fillers, which doesnt belong to the manga.

The first chapter was great, i liked it how the edo tensei won´t work and how it was still not perfected. That lake full of nature, maybe where kabuto learned about sage mode. Getting to see deidara back in action, just awesome.

The second chapter was also good, we get some good plot, naruto being infected and probably kabuto talking to madara via scroll, just cool. The little guy leo telling the chubi guy his mum is gone and the little girl at 3:20 playing the xylophone looked so much alike to sasori when he was a child, just too cute.

What do you guys think about this arc? Do you like it? Do you even watch it? Do you hate kabuto´s appearence as much as i do? Debate

Looking foward to next chapter.