Hello ^ ^

I would like to be selected as one of those to enter the programme this semester because I have always had it as a top rp goal. I've been rping for a year and a few months and so I have been opportuned to see three Medical School applications. I missed the first due to exams, wasn't picked in the second and here I am for the third:p. I hope this will be my last. I have a great interest in medical ninjutsu because it is actually one of the most amazing skills in the narutoverse. Due to my interest in chakra control and manipulation, I created a Karin Uzumaki biography(in sig). Although many didn't really see the sense in dropping an Uchiha biography for a chakra sensor, I love being unique and I love the fact that Karin brought me closer to med ninjutsu since she used it in the anime/manga series although as an amateur. I later found out that I could only use the Mystical Palm Healing Technique if I had received med training; I was sad but I didn't let that force me into dropping my Karin. With her Heal Bite and Mind's Eye of the Kagura, I felt like an amateur medical ninja myself. My fervor for chakra control forced me to submit a CFS a few days ago that is called "Advanced Chakra Sensing Arts" lol, I know the name sound a little off but I didn't want to drift into med ninjutsu. Most of the ideas I had had a thing or two that required medical training so I had to restrict myself to just chakra sensing. Me being accepted into med school would help me widen my horizon and explore a whole new world of chakra and it's uses; it would improve my cfs and give me more ideas for customs. I hope my salient points would give me a chance to achieve this goal of mine as I am determined and ready to give this programme my all if chosen.

Thanks ^ ^