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    Tsunade vs Gaara- The final debate

    The Godaime Hokage vs the Godaime Kazekage

    Restrictions: No
    Location: Sannin vs Sannin
    Knowledge: Full
    Intent: To kill

    The Hokage- Main Abilities

    1. Body Pathway Derangement

    An extremely high-level technique, used as a medical ninjutsu. The human body is controlled with electrical signals from the brain, but a person who had those electrical signals cut off with this technique will become unable to make their body move as they want. By transforming the chakra within one's body and giving it the properties of electricity, one creates an electric field. As soon as a strike of the hand lands, electricity is poured into the enemy's nervous system, severing the signals and deranging their body control. The target's body moves in any way, except how they want it to move. For the common shinobi, battle, not to mention even just walking, will become impossible.

    2. Chakra enchanted strength

    This is a technique where the user focuses chakra into their hands and feet using precise chakra control and releases it with pinpoint timing, which greatly enhances their strength. Tsunade created the concept of this technique to intimidate enemies and keep them at bay while she healed injured ninja. Tsunade herself already possesses incredible raw strength, capable of crushing stones in a single hand with nothing but pure muscle power. This strength is later increased to monstrous levels, when Tsunade uses this technique, allowing her to perform feats like lifting and swinging Gamabunta's sword high in the air, create craters and fissures on the ground by simply tapping on it with either her heel of finger, and destroy Madara Uchiha's Susanoo's ribcage and its sword with relative ease

    3. Creation Rebirth

    The absolute pinnacle of medical ninjutsu, created by the greatest of medical ninja, Tsunade, it is the ultimate regeneration technique. By releasing the great volume of chakra stored in her forehead at once, the body's cell division is forcibly stimulated by proteins, reconstructing all organs and all tissues making up the human body. The technique itself does not regenerate the old cells, rather it hastens the creation of new ones through division. If this technique is used, a body whose vital organs are so gravely injured that it cannot bear it any longer will be instantly restored to its uninjured state. As long as Tsunade has chakra it is impossible for her to die by any means, as such she gains a form of "immortality" throughout the duration of the technique.

    4. Byakugou

    While very similar in nature to its parent technique — which facilitates the regeneration of injuries through accelerated cell division — it however does not require the use of hand seals, meaning Tsunade's wounds begin to heal as soon as they are inflicted, whereas the Creation Rebirth technique needs Tsunade's input to both activate, any wound sustained while this technique is in effect will begin recovery automatically. The enhanced regeneration granted by this technique is so advanced, that even impalement by a gigantic sword through her abdomen was completely healed in mere moments after the blade's removal

    5. Art of evasion

    As a field medical-nin, Tsunade is highly skilled in the art of evasion. In battle, she has shown great ingenuity, able to quickly pick up on her opponent's fighting style and battle pattern to better avoid damage and plan her attacks around that. These traits are to keep herself alive in battle so she may heal her team-mates. She was able to incapacitate Shizune with a quick strike before she could react, use the Body Pathway Derangement technique on Kabuto when he thought she was incapacitated, block Orochimaru from attacking an unconscious Naruto even though she was severely wounded, and even intercept Manda mid-bite while lifting Gamabunta's sword. Before any of the other Kage could react, Tsunade intercepted all five of Madara's flame dragons dissipating them all.

    6. Katsuya

    Offensively, Katsuyu can spit acid using its Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid technique, which is strong enough to melt through rock with ease. With its Slug Great Division, Katsuyu can divide itself into smaller slugs to evade attacks or to serve small scale functions, and is capable of quickly reforming itself if need be

    7. Stamina and chakra reserves

    As a Senju, Tsunade inherited an incredible life force and physical energy passed down from her earliest ancestors. She also has immense vitality, stamina, durability, and endurance which stems from this life force, and as a direct descendant of the Uzumaki clan through her grandmother Mito, Tsunade may also possess incredible longevity.her endurance was great enough to survive the normally fatal injuries of being stabbed straight through the shoulder, abdomen, and even chest to still land a powerful blow to Orochimaru. She was also able to continue fighting with extreme force against Madara's Susanoo army despite being impaled through her abdomen with two Susanoo blades. Even after being bisected, she was still able to survive the ordeal, maintain consciousness, summon Katsuyu, and feel confident she could survive long enough to heal the other Kage before being healed herself.

    The Kazekage- Main abilities

    1. Armour of Sand

    Using this technique, Gaara can cover himself in a compacted layer of sand, providing an additional defence should his Shield of Sand fail; combined, these two are known as Gaara's "Absolute Defence" (絶対防御, Zettai Bōgyo). Though quite effective, maintaining the armour requires a large amount of chakra and stamina. Furthermore, it is nowhere as resilient as the Shield of Sand, since it easily breaks away upon impact, indicating that the sole purpose of the armour is to absorb impact channelled unto Gaara's body during battle. Another weakness is the additional weight of the sand which leads to decreased levels of speed and mobility.

    2. Desert Suspension

    This is one of the multiple offensive and auxiliary methods Gaara has thought of during combat. It is a trick where he uses the chakra-enhanced sand to support his own weight and float in mid-air and to use as a method of transportation if needed. By increasing the size of the platform Gaara can transport others along with him.

    3. Shield of Sand

    Whenever Gaara is about to be harmed, a shield of sand will automatically surround and protect him. The sand will react regardless of Gaara's will, even protecting him from self-inflicted injuries.Gaara can completely surround himself in the shield to further increase his defensive capabilitie

    4. Third Eye

    With chakra, the user connects an eye made of sand to their optic nerve, which enables them to know what happens in the artificial eye's field of vision, this is genuinely a third eye for its user.Gaara also uses it when he completely surrounds himself with his Shield of Sand so he can see what's happening outside of the protective dome

    5. Sand Control

    Gaara possesses the ability to manipulate sand, typically moving it through the air to serve various purposesThe amount of sand he can control at one time is immense. He can use attacks like Sand Coffin ( Gaara encases his opponents in a large amount of the special chakra-infused sand kept inside his gourd, immobilising them), Desert Layered Imperial Funeral, etc.

    6. Stamina and chakra reserves

    Gaara has a large amount of stamina and huge levels of chakra He was able to gather enough sand to shield the entire village of Sunagakure from Deidara's C3, as well as assist in stopping a giant meteorite, albeit, at great physical exertion.

    Now what do you think? Gaara surpassed Tsunade or not ? Personally I think he will surpass Tsunade when he gains enough experience.
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