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    Awards Showcase

    Super Mario

    ''It's a me! Mario! *****.''
    Basic Information | 基本信息
    Name: Mario
    Nickname: Superman | Plumberman | Dawan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Clan: /

    Looks | 样子
    Mario gives off the appearance as a high achieving plumber. His attire throughout any day of the year is much different than that of any other ninjas widely seen in this world. Let's start from the top, his most valuable possession along with his trademark symbol, is a red hat that he uses to cover up the filth of his hair. He will usually spend every single day with it, unless it's something really important. bow chika wowow

    Now let's work downwards from there, he wears a plain red, long sleeved shirt on most days. The shirt itself, is underneath a pair of simple, yet elegant blue overalls that have what appears to be two yellow buttons. However, myths claim that Mario rips out the eyes of his enemies and forge them into badges, but who knows ey? He always has a set of white gloves on, with three lines going over the top each. And finally, a set of plain, brown work boots, used for implied ass-kicking of course.

    Personality | 个性
    On a normal day, he's your average everyday plumber from Iwagakure. Cleaning everything from the pipes down sinks and ladies, to savouring a fancy meal, on top of ladies. But by night, he's an infamous hero ravaging from the depths of darkness, fighting of any evil that may sway its way towards him. No one dares ever go against his accord, criminals hand them self over to the village in fear of being assaulted by him, sexually. Who needs sensory ninjas when you have Mario, who needs doujutsus when you have Mario, he's pretty much the ruler of the streets at night, and if you mess with him he'll assault you so hard you'll curse your own goddamn existence, implied sexually of course.

    Ok that may have been a tad bit exaggerated, but you get the point, don't mess with him. He has a great love for food, and will pretty much do anything for it. If you put food anywhere on your body he'll lick it off, and I literally mean anywhere. Enough about that though, he shows a great passion towards his friends. He loves his friends, put friends anywhere on his body and he'll lick it off, and I literally mean anywhere; especially if its erzo, his love for erzo is like a spaghetti to an Italian plumber-lolwat.

    Village Info | 村信息
    Village of Birth: Iwagakure
    Village of Alliance: Iwagakure

    Rank / Chakra Information | 排名 / 恰克拉信息
    Ninja Rank: Sannin
    Specialty: Earth | Taijutsu | Medical Training in Progress

    Five basics:

    • 土遁 - Earth - Completed
    • 水遁 - Water - Completed
    • 風遁 - Wind - Completed
    • 火遁 - Fire - Completed
    • 雷遁 - Lightning - Completed

    Your ninjutsu:
    • 忍術 - Ninjutsu - Completed
    • 体術 - Taijutsu - Completed
    • 幻術 - Genjutsu - Completed
    • 封印術 - Fuuinjutsu - Completed (non-medical)
    • 蝦蟇 - Toads - Signed
    • 医療忍術 - Medical Ninjutsu - In Progress
    • 仙術 - Sage Mode - Training required


    Earth Affinity | 土遁
    Due to the excessive effort and time that Mario put in when training in the Earth element with his sensei Gobi, he begun to feel closer to the element and due to that, prefers to use it the most when in battle. He has understood everything about the element and spent months attempting to master it. And because of that, he can reduce the amount of hand signs needed to normally perform a Doton technique to just one.

    Background Information | 背景资料

    It was a nice, calm day. The son was soothing across the outskirts of Iwagakure as the children inside the village itself were having the day of their lives. However, the world took a turn for the worse and all the children stopped playing, Every living thing went back to its original habitat and cried in fear, as the simply yet screeching noise of a born baby was coming down from a hut not far away from the main gates of the village. A few brave shinobis went to inspect what was going on, they all knew this was coming, the myths had foretold this unsettling story, it was the birth of Mario. The shinobis knew what they were expecting and risked all chances just to observe the supernatural occurrence, they left their family back at the village and set out to the hut. Till this day, no one knew what had actually happened to them, but they never returned back...

    Some stories claim that Mario was such an ugly cretin his pathicness ripped their souls apart, others claim he turned into a three headed octopus and ate them, yet the sad truth is no one will ever know. But enough about that. Mario, as a child, did not experience the best childhood one may look forward to. His father was a local chef at a run-out restaurant that would rarely get any visits. And his mothers primarily job was to look after him. She taught him how to walk, talk, eat, and basically live, so they obviously shared a very close connection. Even though he never actually enrolled into the academy in Iwagakure to become a genin, his uncle, Gobi, would come visit his family every now and then as he was a high-ranked shinobi who had gone rouge to travel the entire world, seeing places and all that bullcrap. He used to help Mario out, teach him the basics of being a shinobi and whatnot, helping him become a better child. Mario really took this to a liking you see, and practiced every day where his uncle was not with him.

    One day, his dads business started booming up, people were visiting the restaurant every single day, and thousands of them. Ever since his dad came up with a new recipe that included ninja weed or some shit, this severly took control of all the time he had and his dad ended up being married to his work, just for money. This left Mario's mum in a state of depression as she had no life anymore, brought to such a severe state she decided to take her own life, with Mario's kunai received from Gobi. Witnessing this with his own eyes he was gobsmacked, his life destroyed, the only true person he had dead before his own eyes. He could not live with it anymore, so he went to his dads restaurant and had some weed spaghetti, cuz that's life for ya. A few days later he was placed in the academy, which much to his surprise had a familiar face in there, his uncle was a sensei and would train these childs into strong shinobis that would one day risk their lives for the well-sake of the village.

    During his time as an academy he not only grew as a shinobi but as a person, he made great friends, and found out he had a long lost brother called Erzo, who also loved spaghetti. The two would eat spaghetti all day, erryday, to the point where they started gaining some tush in their boomboom so they decided this was the time to work out. Gobi, seeing the improvement in Mario, realized that this was the time, Mario had grown into a man and was ready for the real challenged. It was also Gobi's time to leave the village, and Mario left with him so the two could train, and Gobi could turn Mario into a spaghetti loving hulk.

    Yaddayaddayadda they trained blahblah he became strong and came back to the village, the ladies loved him and all the men wanted to be like him, the end.

    I'll write a proper history in the update ._.

    Other Information | 其他信息

    Theme song and Background Music

    Won: 1-up
    Lost: 1-up

    NOTE: Can't believe I'm saying this.... I'll be dropping Yamato for this bio.
    NOTE: I got my permission for SM from the Grand RP tourney

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