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    The hokage have arrived 685

    This is what I personally want to happen, it might be a lil long but bare with me and hope you enjoy the read!

    Scene starts with obito and Sakura

    Obito: you must hurry and return with sasuke, the remaining chakra I have will only serve to get us back...
    Sakura:yes!! (This desert!, the heat will drain anyone!) sasuke *softly spoken*

    Scene changes to naruto landing behind the 4 hokage as SO6P finishes his remarks

    The 4 hokage turn around battle ready only to notice naruto

    Tobirama:!! No way, (this chakra...)
    Minato: Naruto!! You... (Gets interrupted)
    Hhiruzeneyes widen) amazing!
    Naruto: hey dad! Glad to see your here..(placing palm on minatos chest)
    Tobiramajust what powers did he gain) smirks
    Hashirama:his arms... Recovered immediately(his control of chakra is incredible)
    Minato:... Are the best son a dad can have!!(flashes of kushina&naruto)
    Naruto: thanks pops!... So I see you all have net old man sage!!
    SO6P: yes! I was brought back due to this kind soul,hhashirama.. But it's not for good!
    SO6P: I've informed them of what they are about to face and the plan of my mother
    Naruto:So let's get a move on it and cut the small talk!! My teammates need out help!!
    SO6P:grins( still haven't changed yellow haired boy)
    Tobirama: such a knucklehead
    Hashiramahis drive to save and protect his friends, reminds me of myself) p
    Minato: calm down naruto

    SO6P: I suspect you came from one of my mothers dimensions, correct?
    SO6P: only way to get back in is if she opens one herself
    Naruto:can't you get us there?! You're the old man sage!
    SO6P: correct but even I can't enter mothers dimensions without her
    Minato:! What about seal marking and ftg?
    Tobirama:yea, I have my seal marked on naruto also!!
    Naruto: Yea!!
    SO6P: that could work, possibly.. But...( watching naruto)
    Naruto: too slow old man...( giving all four hokage chakra cloaks)
    The 4 hokage: !!!
    Hhiruzen: this makes me feel young again!! Smirks
    Minato: incredible!
    Tobirama: who would've known( this uzumaki kid)
    Hhashirama: this surge of power!! I almost feel alive again..
    SO6PI see why everyone has their faith in you) before you go, you might need a little extra help, grinning..

    SO6P is seen dispersing into chakra
    SO6P: *faintly* farewell...(his chakra serves as a token barrier for change of dimension)
    Hhashirama: ready?! (Touching tobiramas back)
    Minato:r Ready!!(touching left shoulder)
    Hhiruzen: Yes!!(touching the right)
    Naruto: see ya there!!(smiling) disperses
    Tobirama!! A clone?!) smirks making hands seal... Let's Go!!!

    Scene switches to sasuke in desert
    Sasuke:I'm getting exhausted!! Panting heavily (what are you doing loser?!)
    Sasuke:!!( notices water up ahead) water?!

    As he approaches the water, it reveals to be more sand
    Sasuke:No!! Is this apart of her dimension? No! I need water it's to hot, and I'm becoming delusional
    Hurry naruto)pant pant
    Scene switches to Sakura running
    Sakura: I must hurry!! Obito won't last too much longer, and sasuke has to be found in the scorching heat
    (Please be okay naruto)
    Sakura: !!ungh *trips over her own feet* how can I be so clumsy at a time like this?!
    As Sakura stands back up, she notices sasuke passed out
    Sakura: sasuke!!! Dashing towards him
    Sasuke heard a yell and woke up slowly opening his eyes
    Sasuke: Kaguya?!! Sh**
    Sakura noticing sasuke reach for his sword but too slow to react, gets sliced in half
    Sasuke: what do you want from us?! ( that was too easy)!!
    Turns around bad sees that he just cut Sakura in half
    Sasuke:Sakura?!what! (What are you doing here?!)
    Sakura seals starts to glow brightly
    Sasuke:*squinting eyes* is she regenerating?! Uh reattaching!!

    Sasuke:I must hurry!! *picks Sakura up and follows her trail to obito*
    Obito:*shocked*!!! What did you do sasuke?( notices his fatigue)
    Obito:answer me before we leave!!
    Sasuke: it will have to wait, we have to get back to the other dimension... *pant pant*
    Obitodid he do this?!)... I get it now!
    Sasuke is shown still panting heavily from the hear
    Obito: kamui!!

    Scene switches to Kaguya as she has defeated the clones and revealed the real naruto
    Kaguyathis boys strength and power is incredible, he must die)
    BZ:to think you would push mother this far is beyond what I imagined... You've put up a great fight, and now it's time for you to die!!
    Naruto: never will the likes of you kill me!! Don't you get it?! (Hurry up guys)
    Naruto:we will restore the peace in our great nations not you!
    BZ:there will never be peace as long as chakra exist! That's why we plan on taking it all back! By force!!(let's go mother)
    Kaguya:... (Flies towards naruto) *stops and notices a swirl with obito,Sakura, abs sasuke come out
    Narutoi is seen smiling because he sensed their chakras return to the dimension
    Naruto: (without looking their way)took you all long enough... !!? Turns and notices the 3
    Naruto:!! Obito?!*eyes widen* SAKURA?!! SASUKEEE!!! What did you do?!

    Panel shows obito layed out, Sakura covered in blood, and sasuke exhausted on one knee

    BZ:let's kill the uchiha while that uzumaki brat has his gaurd down
    Kaguya: Right!! *opens portal and enters*
    Naruto still enraged
    Naruto: sasuke answer me!!! *turns his head and notices Kaguya entering a portal*
    Naruto: Sasuke!! Look out!!*dashes in his directoon* I won't make it in time!!
    A portal is shown opening in front of sasuke
    Sasuke: !! Looking up to notice a hand with a bone sticking out of the portal
    Sasuke: my eye is exhausted also!! I won't be move in time
    Kaguya:suicide ash bones!!
    BZ:Now DIE!!!

    Just as the bones heads towards sasuke, he is then teleported away and the bone misses hitting the ground
    BZ&kaguya: ?! (More pests?!)
    Sasuke: took you long enough!!!

    The four hokage have arrived to the battle!! Will SO6P words be enough? Will they defeat Kaguya?! Tune in

    Hope you all enjoyed😎✌️

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    Re: The hokage have arrived 685

    Why the double post?

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    Re: The hokage have arrived 685

    I really didn't mean to do that! My fault

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    Re: The hokage have arrived 685

    I read this already

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    Re: The hokage have arrived 685

    Wrong section dude

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