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    (Facts and Manga pages) the Byakugan is the 2nd strongest dojutsu

    This is an evening special that I thought up on the spur of the moment. Its taken me nearly an hour to write but I'm finally done. Enjoy guys! :ice: I'm also extremely brain dead after writing this. Keep in mind you don't need to read the manga pages only do so if you doubt my word(this is for people who do not have the patience to read)

    They're 3 dojutsu's in the narutoverse.

    1 Rinnegan
    2 Byakugan
    3 Sharingan

    I have classified the evolutions of the sharingan such as 1 tomoe, 2 tomoe, 3 tomoe, MS, EMS as under sharingan. The rinnegan requires senju DNA so I do not consider it as a pure uchiha dojutsu but a mix of senju of and uchiha therefore it is not classified under sharingan.

    1- The Byakugan is stated as the oldest and greatest bloodline for the leaf village by kakashi who has been using the sharingan for 13 years. Therefore his knowledge and word is far greater then someone who has no experience using dojutsu. Furthermore he is aware of the Mangekyou Sharingan when saying this as when itachi appears he has full knowledge only a sharingan can counter it.

    2-The Byakugan has the best insight of all 3 dojutsu. It allows the use to see 360 degrees(excluding one blind spot) and allows the user to see 50 meters among activation.
    . With the use able to see everything within a 50 meter radius, the enemy cannot surprise them with attacks as they are visible at all times. The user can also see through solid objects and smoke screens making evasion impossible by normal means.

    3-The byakugan allows the user to see chakra flow to the greatest degree.
    With this ability they can use the most powerful taijutsu style gentle fist.
    Gentle fist allows the user to damage internal organs giving them the ability to one shot their opponents if hit in the right areas.
    Also to be noted is the user can determine is genjutsu is being used due to the change in chakra flow. Genjutsu is created when a ninja extends their chakra flow through the cerebral nervous system of their opponent to control their mind, thereby affecting their five senses. Now what makes Byakugan users immune to genjutsu is their mastery of chakra control. All Byakugan users are trained in the art of gentle fist which relies solely on chakra control. Gentle fist employs the use of tenketsus which are pores that release chakra.With being able to utilize tenketsus they can stop the opponents flow of chakra or destroy their organs. Even the sharingan cannot compete as admitted by kakashi whose sharingan skills have received praise by Itachi.

    Now that I have explained the abilities of the Byakugan, I will now explain why it is superior in every way to the sharingan.

    1 (Taijutsu) The sharingan(3 tomoe) allows the user to read the users attacks.
    While this would immediately end the fight, the person who see's the attack must have the ability to counter it. Sasuke has shown that even though he can see the attack, he could not dodge the attack.
    When fighting someone whose trained in taijutsu, you cannot win. The Hyuuga are the strongest taijutsu users in the leaf due to their gentle fist. All the Hyuuga have to do is tap any part of your body to stop chakra flow to that specific part thus ending the taijutsu combat. Furthermore they can sense attacks just like the sharingan

    2 (Ninjutsu) The MS, and EMS are considered to be the reason why the Sharingan is superior to the byakugan. However every skill that the MS and EMS can employ can easily be countered by the byakugan.

    A- Amaterasu. Amaterasu are black flames that travel at incredible speeds. Your reaction timing must be on par to the 4th raikage in order to dodge them.
    Now the Hyuuga can counter Amaterasu very easily. First their eyes allow the user to sense all of the opponents attacks.
    Therefore it has the same ability to perceive and counter attacks as the sharingan does. Next Amaterasu creates pressure in the air.
    Even someone without the insight of the byakugan like Nagato could sense it. To add onto my defense the user can blow amaterasu off their body.
    Here you can see nagato blowing the amaterasu off his body using Shinra tensei. Neji can do the same thing, except by using his chakra.
    By being able to shoot chakra out of all his pores, he can effectively blow off amaterasu. In fact if the byakugan user doesn't care to use heavenly rotation he can just walk through the amaterasu and blow it off without the use of jutsu. Think of it as similar to gaara's sand armor that he wears on his skin. If the Gaara analogy doesn't help you, think of when Gohan is fighting Bojack in SSJ2 and he blows off the strings. Same concept except instead of using raw energy Neji is using chakra(which in a sense is energy).

    B-Tsukuyomi-The Byakugan can sense when an opponent is going to use genjutsu. Since Genjutsu requires you to insert your chakra, they're two ways for the Byakugan user to avoid getting caught in Tsukuyomi. The first way is to just close your eyes and use the sight provided by the Byakugan. Since it allows the use to see in 360 degrees, eye to eye contact is not required. So even if the user chooses to have his eyes open, he does not need to look at the users eye's.
    The second way, is to disrupt your chakra flow.
    Since Byakugan users have perfect chakra control, it is an easy task for them.

    C-Susanoo(oh boy I bet all the fanboys are thinking its impossible) - The Byakugan gives the user the highest degree of insight being able to see all forms of chakra at the highest level. All ninjutsu, Dojutsu, and Genjutsu(plus some forms of taijutsu) require chakra. Susanoo is formed through the materialisation of the user's chakra and as such differs in appearance, as well as colour between users. Therefore Susanoo in itself is just chakra that is unstable unless you possess the perfect susanoo. This spoiler shows susanoo unstable, you can see the head is just like Itachi's and Sasuke's proving that they have an unstable susanoo.
    This shows susanoo in its stable form.
    Now here is where susanoo fails against the Byakugan. Since the Byakugan gives the user the highest degree of chakra insight, it can see the chakra holding the jutsu together. With this ability Neji has destoyed a water dome using the Byakugan and his Tenketsus.
    Something to note is not even the sharingan can do that. Since the Byakugan allows you to see chakra levels making the jutsu active, it can see the chakra keeping susanoo together and disrupt it.

    C1-Susanoo arrows. We have seen how a tree can brush Susanoo arrows off course.
    So with that in mind, chakra which is a lot stronger then tree's so the byakugan would be able to do the same.. Now let me explain something before the fanboys go wild. In the kidimaro vs Neji fight, Neji deflected his high speed arrows in the cursed seal 2 state(a power that is comparable to the one tails) by covering his body in chakra.
    Now the reason he had to do that is because Kidomaro knew the weakness of the byakugan.
    The problem is even if the Sharingan user is using susanoo, neji will not turn his back to it and thus the Byakugan will be able to sense the attack coming. With that he would be able to use heavenly rotation and change the arrow off course. These arrows are no different from other arrows except that the speed which is delivered is too fast to dodge. The Hyuuga have no need to dodge due to heavenly rotation and since they can sense the attack coming, the arrows are useless.

    C2-Susanoo sword. This sword follows the same concept. Now Gaara is able to use normal sand to block susanoo swords.
    Heavenly rotation has been stated to be superior
    . Now logic indicates a superior defense will have the same results or better then the defense it is compared too. No further explanation is needed.

    Kotoamatsukami- This is The most powerful genjutsu to ever be conceived in naruto. The Byakugan is already immune to genjutsu since they can see chakra flow. Due to the fact that this is not a genjutsu that causes a illusion and merely controls your thoughts, in terms of combat effectiveness against a hyuuga its scale of effectiveness is lower then the Tsukuyomi. Now since the Hyuuga can see their chakra flow as well as others they can disrupt the genjutsu without trouble. The byakugan have been stated to see a genjutsu that is similar to KA
    and the byakugan broke that genjutsu of near identical power.

    Kamui-Well there isn't a whole lot to say about this technique. (honestly i'm tired of writing ) So Kamui in terms of defense is not hard to fight against since the Byakugan lets you see everything within a 50 meter radius.. Now offensively it can cause a warp within what is being targeted and cut it off from space. Since the hyuuga can see everything to the highest degree and sense attacks coming that warp would be easy to spot and avoid avoid.

    Susanoo C3- Yasaka Magatama. Look at what I said about susanoo arrows and tone down the difficulty by 100 since this attack is significantly slower then the arrows.

    Susanoo C4-Meteorite Technique. This technique is so amazing and powerful. Since two meteorites are coming to hit the ground, the entire battlefield becomes destroyed. Since the Hyuuga can sense the attack coming and with the clarity of insight, would be able to position himself away from under the meteor. Now that won't stop the battlefield from getting destroyed as the entire radius get's hit with rocks and sand. However heavenly rotation would protect them rocks and sand. The only way this technique would harm a Hyuuga is if it landed on top of their body.


    Susanoo C5- Perfect Susanoo. Perfect Susanoo sword slash is like a TBB. However against the Byakugan(and a skilled user) it is childs play. Due to being able to sense attacks
    they have the ability to move out of the way. Since the damage is widespread they can cover themselves with chakra and if they are out of the direct slice can use heavenly rotation to stop the widespread damage(rocks and debris falling).

    I'm done never again am I writing something this long and I'm not writing a conclusion so read the whole thing. Thanks for reading this sorry its so long...oh ya suck it uchiha fanboys jk but I think there's a good enough argument here to say the Byakugan is superior at the date of 12/1/2012.

    SUMMARY-The Byakugan can defend itself and counter ALL Sharingan/MS/EMS attacks.
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