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    615+++: Help from old an friend Obito!!!

    Naruto has a determined look on his face

    Naruto: we are going to seal you Madara

    Madara: hahahaha dare try

    Naruto starts to run at Madara

    Naruto: Kakashi, Obito, Guy, Bee back me up, we have to sepearate them in order for me to seal the Juubi

    Kakashi and co: You can count on us!!

    Kakashi: Earth style, earth sock jutsu

    Obito: Fire style, phoenix fire jutsu

    Guy: 7th gate release, Hiroudora

    Bee: Black Lightning, black ox

    The jutsus race towards Madara

    Madara: hmm all these jutsus

    Madara's eyes switch to his EMS and his Susanoo is formed

    Kakashi: (just like that time with Sasuke)

    Obito: watch out, Madara is said to be very skilled in using this

    Naruto: all we have to do is smash it

    Naruto turns into his tailed beast mode and makes a sign

    Naruto: shadow clone jutsu

    Naruto summons 5 clones all in the tailed mode

    Kakashi: Naruto is on a whole another level since he awakened the Rinnegan

    Naruto throws a Rasen shuriken at Madara

    Madara jumps and avoids it, Madara makes signs in the air

    Madara: fire style, Amatarasu infused grandfireball barrage

    Madara shoots the fire at the Naruto clones and the shinobi alliance

    Kakashi: Huyga clan use rotation to redirect the Amatarasu

    Huyga Clan: yes!!

    the flames are reverted but some of the army gets hit, and the clones are destroyed

    Obito: Kakashi Naruto I have a plan

    Kakashi: do you think it will work

    Naruto: its worth trying

    Obito: follow my lead

    Obito starts to run towards Madara, Kakashi and Naruto following behind him

    Madara: a 3 man attack plan can't and wont work

    Obito: use our ability

    Kakashi: yea

    Naruto: we need to separate him from the Juubi

    Obito: thats whats this plan is for

    Kakashi: give me the signal

    They are running


    Army: YES

    the Alliance fires everything they have trying to create a diversion for Naruto and Co

    Madara: Pretra Path

    The jutsus are being absorbed, and Naruto creates more clones for a diversion

    Madara: nothing you do will work give up and become my slaves!!!!!!!!!

    Obito appears behind Madara and grabs him

    Obito: BEGONE, Kakashi Kamui him

    Kakashi: yes

    Kakashi Kamui's Madara and Obito both to the other dimension

    Obtio: Ill hold him off in here, take care of the Juubi

    Kakashi: Obito, this time I wont fail

    Naruto: you can count on that!!!

    Cut to Obito and Madara

    Madara: hahaha how do you plan on stopping me, keeping me in here, I'll just bust down the walls

    Obito: Madara all you are is hatred, wanting this world for destruction, instead of peace, it will no longer stand, Madara this is your end!!!

    Cut to Naruto and Co

    Naruto: Kakashi any plans on how to stop the Juubi

    Kakashi: no, the only thing we can do is try, and hope to win

    Naruto: the sage gave me the Rinnegan for a reason, I'm the one that needs to stop this, Kakashi Bee everyone fall back, long rangers stay in close calls just incase I see an opening to seal the Juubi

    the ground starts to shake

    Naruto: somethings happening to the Juubi, its transforming

    Kakashi: Obito said it was becoming complete (things are getting worse)

    cut to Obito and Madara

    Madara: yea how can you kill me, I'm immortal

    Obito: your not immortal your a zombie!!!

    Madara: a zombie that prays on shinobi

    Madara makes signs

    Madara: fire style grand fireball

    the fire ball is launched at Obito, he phases and starts to run towards Madara, and he makes signs

    Obito: wood style protective grip

    Wood sprouts from Obito's hand chasing Madara, everytime it gets close Madara uses a fireball to destroy it

    Obito: you cant run forever Madara

    Madara: fine then take this, SHINRA TENSI

    the shockwave destroys all the wood, Obito goes intangible and starts to walk over to Madara

    Obito: Madara say goodbye to this world your never coming back,

    Madara stops the shinra tensi, Obito makes some seals and slides in the ground

    Madara: you cant hide either Obito, stop being scared and lets end this

    Obito slides up behind Madara and grabs him

    Obito: I was never hiding, like I said Madara say goodbye to this world, REAPER DEATH SEAL!!!

    Madaras eyes widen

    Madara: an Uzumaki sealing jutsu, how????

    Obito: during an attempt to destroy the leaf, I unleashed the 9-tails upon it, only to get it resealed by the 4th Hokage my teacher Minato, we engaged in a battle, I was defeated but afterwards I acted like I retreated but I watched, and the way he stoped the 9-tails was with this jutsu

    Madara: you copied it with your sharingan

    Obito: say hello to Hashirama!!!! SEAL!!!!!!!!!!!

    The reaper seals Madara and Obito falls to the ground still alive for right now

    Obito: I need to see Kakashi, and tell him its over

    Obito Kamuis himself out

    Cut back to Naruto and Co as Obito fades in

    Obito: Kakashi...

    Kakashi: Obito, are you ok

    Obito: no I'm going to die, I used the Reaper Death Seal to seal Madara

    Kakashi: Obito why?

    Obito: Its the only way to account for what I done, at least this way I can still die a hero

    Kakashi: Obito, I'm sorry I couldent keep my promise to Rin

    Obito: Its ok Kakashi, you tried, its time now Kakashi, bye

    Obito dies, Kakashi starts to cry

    Naruto: Kakashi sensie, we have to stop this Juubi now Its completly changed now

    Kakashi: yea

    Next time: The final fight begins

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    Valen is offline
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    Re: 615+++: Help from old an friend Obito!!!

    This is unlikely

    But it's epic sht

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    siavash1994 is offline
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    Re: 615+++: Help from old an friend Obito!!!

    epic lmao......

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    Brony LazyNacho's Avatar

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    Re: 615+++: Help from old an friend Obito!!!

    it was going good till ameratsu

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    LolaxXx is offline
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    Re: 615+++: Help from old an friend Obito!!!

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk no.

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    Senior Member ZeeshanAsNaruto's Avatar

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    Life is Party :D

    Re: 615+++: Help from old an friend Obito!!!

    Woww I hope this happens Lol.

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    LordMadara narutoblitz's Avatar

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    Re: 615+++: Help from old an friend Obito!!!

    Unlike most of the predictions on this board, I actually hope this one happens.

    Let's consider Madara's actions so far:

    He arrives on the scene. A master tactician, he arrives next to Obito. Why go to Obito, when he could easily take advantage of the surprise element (as Kakashi reminds us, the foundation of being a ninja is surprise) and form a flank on Naruto and Bee. Rather than immediately attempting to seal Naruto and Bee, he demanded answers from Obito. After this, he's remained fairly neutral in the fight, only acting to protect the Juubi.

    Now let's analyze Madara's movements. He's remained near Obito the entire time, only talking to criticize Naruto or other people. To the empty sociopath that is Madara, this is mere entertainment. He's keeping Obito close to him for this reason: He doesn't trust Obito. Something hasn't added up. After all, Obito could have revived Madara using Rinnei Tensei, beating Kabuto to the chase (likely, Kabuto had no idea what the true powers of Rinnegan were, as he'd have no reason to know that as mere fodder that's simply borrowed power from others like Oro). Further, Madara is an expert at reading battle situations and people. He can see something is amiss here, a cautious person like Obito breaking from his plans and summoning the Gedo early. To a perfectionist like Madara, this is simply unacceptable.

    Let's not forget, Madara has i) immortal, self-regenerating body ii) perfect susanno iia) Mokuton/wood-clones on a level that at least equals Hashirama and far surpasses the absolute trash-fodder that was Yamato iii) unlimited chakra. Put bluntly, Madara can slaughter Naruto, Kakashi, Guy and Bee whenever he wants. Naruto is worth maybe 2 Kage on his own, and Kakashi and Guy are nowhere near Kage-level power. Madara easily dispatched the Kage, so it stands to reason he is holding back just to see what happens. He doesn't want Obito to use the Infinite Tsukuyomi for one simple reason: It's not to his benefit.

    As I posited in another thread on this board, Madara's goal isn't world peace. It isn't the moon eye plan, to save Rin, to avenge the Uchiha or to prove Hashi wrong. It isn't even world domination. It's a straight up power grab. He wants to become the new S06P and become a living God, and he's doing it all for the sake of his own ego. My guess is that sadly Madara sees Obito's betrayal coming and will quickly kill the latter, as Madara is in a league all his own, one that far surpasses a teenage child such as Naruto.

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