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    Tsunade versus Hiruzen

    So it would seem that a thread in the discussion forum dissolved into Tsunade versus Hiruzen.
    Therefore I thought it best to quit playing around with the idea and address it adequately. Within the context of this fight, titles have no baring. (ex. Sannin, hokage, God of Shinobi, Professor, Slug Princess)

    We cannot reason on prime Hiruzen. However, what we can do for age is to increase the stamina possessed by Hiruzen. (though I feel as though he shouldn't necessarily need a stamina power up as it would seem through Tsunade's use of Creation Rebirth she has aged to a point similar to that of Hiruzen.

    Therefore this fight will follow such rules
    Location: Training field
    Starting Distance: 40 meters
    Info: What would have been known by both characters at the time of Hiruzen's death.
    Handicaps: 2X stamina to Hiruzen
    Feats and accolades acceptable: Direct manga feats, and inference you can make based on things observed, and inference made with things observed with things said.
    Hype not allowed: Inferences made purely by word (ex. Tsunade's the reason Konoha won the Third Great Shinobi war, Hiruzen is the strongest of the 5 kages)
    Restrictions: Shiki Fujin -no one wins with that.
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