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That's not proof lol. Kabuto was still controlling them the whole time. Nagato only said that because, before that moment, Kabuto wasn't moving him around. If he wasn't under Kabuto's control before saying that his body was moving on its own, why didn't he do something, like attacking Itachi? Because his body was staying on top of the bird alone. Plus, we've seen earlier when Bee was fighting Itachi and Nagato was fighting Naruto with his summons that Kabuto CAN control TWO people at the SAME TIME. He doesn't have to go BACK AND FORTH between the 2 of them. Also, notice that Itachi and Nagato were telling their opponents what techniques they were using, meaning they had control over their thoughts. That's why Itachi could say "let's see what happens..."
i just showed you that kabuto stopped controlling them at some point

nagato said his BODY was moving on its own AGAIN

give me links that proves kabuto NEVER stopped controlling them