I was recently skimming through my Data Book and noticed that there aren't any stats for Madara. So I thought it would be fun to give an educated guess as to what his skills amount to on a score board. Note: this is not a rating of Edo Madara, however, I will use some of what we've seen from him (in his Edo state) within perspective and reason. Also, his Rinnegan/Mokuton will not be counted. Please enjoy.

It will be catagorized through: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Intelligence, Strength, Speed, Stamina Hand Seals, and Total score.
Ninjutsu - Madara was known as a master Fire style user and a profficient knowledge in Yin-Yang release, as well. With Fire, he was able to create great walls of fire and even dragon-shaped fire balls. His fire style was so powerful, it took several Water Wall jutsu's just to repel his flames. He was strong enough to burn Tsunade, even with her Strength of a Hundred Technique active. With Yin/Yang, he was able to create clones of White Zetsu and even put his will into a mass and create Black Zetsu. So Madara gets a 5 in this catagory.

Genjutsu - While not much has been given on his exact skill in this catagory, he would have atleast a adept skill with it, seeing as he awoken it at a very young age. Now, normally I'd give him a 4 in this, BUT seeing as he is only 1 of 2 Uchiha that have been shown to be powerful enough to enslave the 9-tails to his will, I have to give him a 5.

Taijutsu - Now, we do not know how much, if any, did Kabuto boosts in this catagory, so I will use it within reason. He has been shown quick enough to dodge Gaara's sand and Mei's Lava Release at close range. Also, he was able to guard himself against A (in his lightning armor) without the use of Susanoo. He was able to disarm other shinobi and kick an enemy double his size with ease. For this, I will give him a 4.5. He cannot receive a 5, in my book, because Guy is a 5 and I refuse to believe Madara's Taijutsu is on par with his.

Intelligence - You cannot debate his high intellect. He has created an elaborate plan that has spanned decades upon decades. He has been shown great knowledge in DNA, Medical and Surgical, and even genetics and human anatomy. He even created a living clone of Hashirama. He has a 5.

Strength - He has been noted to have extremely powerful chakra, even by Uchiha standards. He also was able to fight and SURVIVE many battles with Hashirama, himself. His very name would send a wave of fear into anyone who has heard of him. For this, he gets a 5.

Speed - As stated in the Taijutsu section, he was able to dodge many attacks at close and long range, and even disarm people before they had a chance to react. He was able to block an attack by A in his Lighting armor. He gets another 5.

Stamina - This is a tricky one to judge. I've have read people's comments about him fighting Hashi for 3 days and 3 nights and so on. But I cannot find any source to verify this. But he has been able to fight Hashi and Hashi has great stamina being a Senju. For the moment, until I get any further proof, I will give him a 4.

Hand Seals - Well, with him being great at Ninjutsu and having a 5 in speed, I will give him a 5.

Total Score - 38.5

Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think.