The reason i say this is because as we know they've finally arrived at naruto's battlefield and while that may be something to be excited about but all or most of the shinobi alliance don't know what madara is capable of let alone obito and to make things worst the jubi is on the scene as well and after reading a kishimoto interview about how k11 will get their time to shine etc in a way i'm excited but i worry for them cause we the naruto fans have seen a glimpse of what madara is capable of eg summoning meteors,performing hashiramas mokuton jutsu,rinnegan,perfect susano'o and beating the 5 kage to the point where they're barely alive and unable to move and we all remember what he did to gaaras division,who can say he won't do it again and once he realises how much naruto cares about sakura,hinata,k11 and whoever else who can stop him from going after them first and on that note do you remember what shikamaru said about how naruto when he's all fired up and rampaging he doesn't have time to come up with a battle plan/strategy etc and that he shouldn't do anything rash until he(shikamaru)gets there with this in mind with the combined foreces of the legendary madara uchiha,obito and the jubi what strategy could shikamaru hope to come up with that would work and talk about k11, how do they plan on fighting against those 3 and surviving.