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    Naruto 612 : We believe in you

    Naruto 612 : We believe in you.
    Naruto : Everyone....
    Mifune : you held you're own against Uchiha Madara impressive
    Naruto : with the help of guy and Kakashi Sensei.
    Kakashi : Don't be so modest
    Madara : i'm not going to give you the time to chat..... juubi
    Juubi prepares to fire a Bijuu blast.
    Shikamaru: Wind style users blast huge waves of wind two redirect the blast direction
    Water style Shinobi create water walls to block what's left of the attack
    Shinobi : yes!!!
    Madara : That kid is smart...... he has to die
    Obito : Indeed
    Madara: i wanted to test the Juubi more, but a small target like that is difficult to hit
    i'll kill a few personaly...
    Shikamaru : Damn i spoke to much what a drag......
    Darui : Black Lighting!!!
    Madara : Pointsless the Rinnegan can absorb such attacks.
    Madara : Fire style grand fire ball of destruction!
    Darui : damn no water shinobi in front ill have to use everything.
    Darui : Water style Water wall!!!!!!
    Madara : this kid must be willing to die to use his chakra.
    Madara is trying to go through the Water wall with the fire ball
    Madara : that damn Uzumaki kid just in.....BAM!!!!
    Madara was caught in the blast but was just in time to use Susanoo

    Obito : Naruto even faced with Madara........
    Madara : you're timing was excellent you must have faced the Rinnegan before
    ( if that was a clear hit susanoo would be destroyed.
    Naruto : Nagato also had the Rinnegan
    Madara : ahh i see. ( Sage mode, no wonder his timing was flawless)
    Shikaku : Everyone be carefull with Madara he even beat the five kage with ease
    that Naruto was able to fight him this long. Everyone focus on defeating the juubi
    sealing team back Naruto up. Naruto we believe in you.
    Kurama: me two Naruto.
    Naruto : yeah thanks everyone
    Kurama : im back at full power
    Naruto & Kurama : yeah lets get him!!!!

    Naruto Bijuu mode : now it's time two spice things up Multiple Schadow clone Jutsu!!
    Madara : 2 can play that game Multiple Wood Clone Jutsu!
    Juubi : is preparing a blast at the alliance on the background

    next : 613 : The old Uchiha hideout
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