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    Blue Excorcist RP

    Welcome to True Cross Academy!!!!

    Here You will learn to become Exorcists!!!
    Pick a class that you would like to learn (Knight, Tamer, Aria, Dragoon, And Doctor) Descriptions Inside
    Knight-A Knight is an exorcist who uses swords and other bladed weapons in combat. They are effective at melee and close range combat, they are also able to utilize powerful long range magical techniques from their katana.
    Tamer- Tamers use demons, known as familiars, to fight for them. To summon a familiar, the summoner needs a Magic Circle, their blood, and an appropriate appeal. To tame Demons, one needs both natural talent and a high level of spirit fortitude (displayed as confidence in one's self, as well as a lack of fear). If a familiar senses that their summoner is lacking in spiritual fortitude, the summoned familiar will turn against the Tamer and attack them. To prevent this, the destruction of the magic circle will reverse the summon.
    Aria-Aria is one of the Meister branches that an Exorcist can take on utilizing the power of "Fatal Verses" which are phrases or verses found within the bible, and other holy scriptures. These holy verses can destroy and or weaken a demons hold over the Human world, they can also destroy demons.
    Dragoon-A Dragoon is an exorcist who fights using ranged weapons. Dragoons are notable for fighting demons using modern weaponry, such as various types of firearms, whereas as the Knight and Aria meisters rely on ancient techniques. Within this field, Exorcists can fight using anything from handguns to sniper rifles with great precision. Additionally, many Dragoons use specific weapons that exploit the weaknesses of certain elemental demons. For example, flamethrowers were showcased during the Impure King arc as an effective tool against said demon.
    Doctor- A Doctor is an exorcist who is trained in healing wounds inflicted by demons. A Doctor may also possess knowledge on ordinary injuries. It is currently unknown if an exorcist holding the meister "Doctor" is technically qualified to hold a Ph.D. in medicine, or if the term doctor is a general word used to describe the healers of the True Cross Order.

    We will all start as Esquires and work are way up in the ranks

    Example of Template (my character)- It would be pleasing if you would create custom rather than cannon characters
    Name: Shinto Miugiku
    Class: Dragoon
    Weapon: Dual- Gold Deagles
    Rank: Esquire
    Age: 16 (not required)

    (also if Tamer please specify what familiar you are trying to tame, with photo or description)
    Images of Academy

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