As the title description says What is Zaraki?

I was just skimming through all my Subbed episodes of Bleach on my External HDD sorting them by season, etc. I decided to watch episode 40 - "The Shinigami Whom Ganju Met". Figuring i might get some backdrop story i missed. Instead i surprised myself with the scene of Kenpachi in the woods and little (toddler sized) Yachiru. This was during the end of Ichigo's and Kenpachi's first encounter and fight. Yachiru was extremely fascinated in Kenpachi's sword and he tells her to not touch it and such then asks her about her name, if she had one. she doesnt respond and he says i have no name either. Kenpachi's sword is the same state in the anime/manga through out the entire series and all 3 Arcs. Kenpachi gives her a name instead, the name which he wanted for himself and gave himself another name. then it cuts to Kenpachi and Ichigo giving their final attack and they both collapse in a draw pretty much. Kenpachi looks at his sword and asks it if it would tell him its name. There was silence.

Im going on a wild assumption here, and i know this is pretty much a golden rule to not trust fillers for information as its incorrect timeline and sidestory. BUT... im wondering if the Zanpakuto Fillers as well as some of the other fillers actually mean something and have little key pieces to every character.

What im saying is... i think Zaraki Kenpachi is his own Zanpakuto and Yachiru is a likely manifestation just like with Arrancar Starkk so he doesnt feel lonely.

I find it quite odd that Zaraki has a limitless well of power just like Ichigo does.

This would bring me to my next theory of if Ichigo was to awaken the name of the soul that would be to repair his Zanpakuto, it would be Zaraki Kenpachi's true name. - Highly doubt but it was some insane idea i had in my head since Zaraki has barely any history to himself compared to the other characters.

Well lets see what some of you have to say and offer. Flame if you must lol, im just exploring ideas.