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    the sage

    wonder why he didnt pass down his weapons/tools. if he knew that the juubi could be resurrected one day. you'd think he'd pass these down to his sons. maybe he did but with time they ended up getting lost. could have been what was on Orochimaru's scroll. maybe Naruto will get the one the sage used to defeat the juubi. i dont know from where, but hey, you never know.

    i dont think the juubi is being sealed this time around though. Naruto with the combined power of the tailed beasts will put it to an end

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    Re: the sage

    no i dont think they were lost through time i think that he hid them in various locations. i HOPE the scroll has a power of the perfect susanoo for sasuke. jyuubi vs sasuke and naruto would be good but i dont want em to team up i want em to kil leach other!

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