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Tell me which Jutsu Naruto created?
While it is completely similar to rasengan, Rasenshuriken is a completely new and original jutsu.

no one else can use it, and no else knows how to either.
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back on the original subject...

Sasuke... he get's his behind saved from just about everyone, hell Naruto has saved his life more than a handful of times.

And that fact you would consider him as intelligent as the 4th Hokage is ridiculous.

I'm not saying he's stupid but he's definitely not a genius, especially lately when (thank god) you hardly see him anymore. he's taken every shortcut possible since he left the village and when he isn't strong enough, he whines about it and some new inherent Uchiha thing pops up for him to exploit.

To clarify, he's an arrogant self serving emo ****** that's pretty smart, but he's not on the level of the 4th Hokage