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    [Ch. 611] Mistranslation Shmistranslation

    I know, I know.

    "Not another thread about the 611 mistranslation!".

    But hear me out. Because really this isn't about a mistranslation at all, but rather the REAL error in chapter 611:

    Dialogue bubbles. Say it with me, Dialogue. Bubbles. Take a look at page 16 from the chapter 611:

    Notice anything...strange? That's right. Obito, Madara and the Juubi declaring they're not a disorderly crowd anymore. WHAT??
    And the panel after that. Notice the cloud of dust speaking (-_-) Come on. Somethings up. And that something is found here:

    Notice anything strange at the top of the page as well? That's right. The ground. It's talking. Weird. And impossible.

    Look if this was a translation error that would be the Death Star of translation errors. As it is there is also clearly a problem with the dialogue bubbles.

    Now in your mind's eye, transpose the dialogue from the bottom of page 16 and replace it with the dialogue from the top of page 17.

    What the what?!? It makes total sense! I wonder if the same applies when you take the dialogue from the top of 17 and replace it with the dialogue from the bottom of 16. No it can't be, that'd be ridic- Wait. YES. It also makes total sense.

    Obito is mocking the Alliance, asking if they thought their jamming jutsu's would hide them from the Juubi's gaze. Then, the fuuton users from the Alliance use Fuuton Kazekiri to counter the Juubi's attack. And Naruto responds the on page 17 stating that they aren't a disorderly crowd, they're the shinobi Alliance. Then he says their is something stronger than the Infinite Tsukyiomi. NO justsu. Probably the Will of Fire, or the Alliance, or the super ultra amazing power of friendship, or kittens, or heart-shaped candy or some such thing.


    I was happier when I thought he actually had a new jutsu.

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