Hey guys plz and plz this thread should not provoke any one its just my own opinion i may be wrong in my theory plz if you think so, you should just give your own counter/opinion not getting angry at me.
I was reading the manga from previous pages then came across this jutsu used be naruto. FUTON RASENSHURIKEN

Here below vvvvvvv is what tsunade said bout the jutsu.

An edo has same body as alive ninja the difference is that an edo has unlimited chakra and that an edo= a dead body. what I think is that if this jutsu should successfully hit madara it could definitely cause the same harm to him as it did to kakuzo then madara can finally get sealed away
Note; naruto has no sealing tech I know but bee and others have.
It's not that I m implying that naruto can defeat madara but just look what that tec did to kakuzo I think FRS alone could do a great damage to madara if he get hit by it. What do you think