If you are trying to prove something and have a lot of information with "Manga Facts" it has no chance if the point does not get across. Simple as that. It's like this for example. A lot of threads have loads of information and pictures. It may not be bad but no ones gonna read something that's a wall of text with abilities that they already know and don't want to go through with the whole routine. Users of NarutoBase don't like to read. And we tend to overlook things that are long and quite frankly boring. Not all threads that are long are boring but most people don't get the point.

Your viewers want the same informative writings. But it's all meaningless if no one gets the point. You know what I'm saying?

People like myself are slow and a bit brain dead. I have a hard time to follow up with the manga then most people. And I don't know much abilities. So a quick well written thread that has key points would be awesome!

Would you read a long thread? Or a thread that's short and sweet and to the point?