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    Madara Uchiha

    "That is the cycle of life. How have you lived so long, yet learned nothing from our painful past?"

    Basic Information

    Name: Madara Uchiha
    Nickname: Denizen of Hell
    Age: 20
    Looks:Madara was a tall, fair-skinned man with spiky, black hair that had a slight, blue tint to it. In his younger days, his hair was shoulder-length and he wore the standard Uchiha clan outfit: a high collared black shirt with the clan's crest on its back, which Madara tended to leave slightly open, and blue pants with bandages around his shins. Around his waist, he had a sash that held a sack, presumably containing his ninja tools. During later years, his hair grew out more and his sash was replaced by a belt, adorned with pouches and various weapons. He also wore another sash strapped across his shoulders which he used to hold his numerous swords. In most cases, his attire took the form of the standard shinobi dress of his era, consisting of bright red traditional armour — similar to that of samurai — worn over a simple black suit (indigo in the manga). This armour was constructed from numerous metal plates, formed into multiple protective guards along his body, in particular: chest, waist, shoulders and thighs. Unusually, his chest plate left his back entirely exposed, presumably so as to better display his clan's crest. This clothing was accompanied by boots and gloves, as well as his village's forehead protector after the truce with the Senju and founding of Konohagakure, but this was discarded upon his defection. During battle, he often carried an orange-coloured war fan on his back that had a mitsudomoe pattern, coloured bright red, in both of the top corners. In his old age, Madara appeared extremely worn, with his black hair from his youth turned thin and white. He wore a simple black outfit, and had three thick chords running from his spine, to the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path to sustain his life. He was also missing a right eye, and used his kama as a makeshift cane.
    Personality:Madara was a very confident and prideful man, witnessed in his belittlement of Ōnoki, in his berating of Mei Terumī's technique, in the fact he uses relatively weaker attacks in his arsenal initially and works his way up to his more powerful techniques when the situation requires it and the fact he believes that using more powerful techniques more than once in a battle would be disgraceful. Conversely, he isn't above praising the abilities of others as he openly called both Mei and A's abilities an impressive offence, and Gaara and Ōnoki's maneuver an impressive defence, also commending the two being able to stop his first meteorite, as well as commending Naruto for countering his Wood Release attack. Having respect for Naruto, Madara tried to reason with him that the Eye of the Moon Plan was for the good of mankind. Madara, however, isn't above reprimanding others for recklessness or stupidity as he criticised Tsunade for attacking him without thinking of what the other Kage would do for treatment if she was killed and criticised the five Kage as a group for worrying too much about the flowers in his technique and not watching their backs. He also has a habit of referring to fighting as 'dancing'.

    Madara has a dark sense of humour, as shown when he created multiple wood clones and surrounded each of the five Kage with five clones — thereby reversing the original five vs. one situation — and asked if they preferred the clones to use Susanoo or not, referred to incinerating the forest as "creating coal" after knocking the five Kage into it, and when asked by Naruto what had happened to the Kage, he stated that they were "not okay". Madara also believes power is something tangible that can be passed down through generations and that the will of a dead person cannot be inherited, as it is not tangible.

    Village Information

    Village of Birth: Pre-Konohagakure
    Village of Alliance: Konohagakure

    Rank/Chakra Information

    Ninja Rank: Kage


    Within his weapon skills, Madara has shown especial proficiency with kenjutsu, aptly demonstrated when he effortlessly disarmed a shinobi, commandeered his sword and used it to cut down several members of the Fourth Division with ease, while wielding the blade in a reverse grip. He displayed great manoeuvrability and dexterity while using kenjutsu. The speed of his attacks were so great that none of the shinobi he killed using this combat tactic had any time to react. His trademark weapon is a gunbai. It is durable enough to block a miniature Tailed Beast Ball, as well as absorb the force of an enemy attack and then send it back. Madara has also been shown generating a barrier with his gunbai, durable enough to protect both himself and Obito from the large chakra receivers thrown at them by Naruto Uzumaki in his Tailed Beast Mode. In addition to the gunbai, he had a large kama with him, when his final confrontation against Hashirama took place, and later used one as a makeshift cane in his twilight years. Madara also carried various different swords throughout the years, and was shown as a skilled and versatile swordsman, most prominently seen during the Fourth Shinobi World War. His arsenal also included several giant shuriken and a chain with weights.

    Satsui no Hado

    As the Grandmaster of the style and strongest student, Madara's rage when the Satsui no Hado is released is tremendous, powering him and increasing his speed to levels of Lee without his weights present. His strength also raises tremendously.

    Katon Release

    Madara is a master of Fire Release nature transformation, displayed in his use of devastating fire techniques such as the Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation technique which required the combination of numerous Water Release: Water Encampment Walls to extinguish, and the Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction technique which he used to incinerate a large portion of the forest he had created. He can also create dragon-shaped fireballs for a wide barrage at an enemy. The flames were enough to burn even Tsunade while she had the Strength of a Hundred Technique still active. He is capable of using Fire Release with only one handseal.


    Madara is a very adept taijutsu fighter, possessing notable physical strength, great speed, and remarkable reflexes. He was capable of easily disarming a sword-wielding shinobi, before the latter could react. With a single roundhouse kick, he was able to repel a shinobi twice his size into an oncoming group of shinobi, knocking them all off their feet. Madara was also able to easily dodge Gaara's high-speed sand attacks, Mei's close range Lava Release attack, and even guard himself against A's punch while the latter was clad in his Lightning Release Armour without being protected by Susanoo. Madara has also Mastered Kaito's taijutsu, including the forbidden jutsus Sixth Sense and others.

    Madara Uchiha obtained these bracers due to being a member of Caliburn's Guard. The ability or effect is below (All made by Caliburn and approved by Rei-chan. )
    It are leather bracers with shark-like metal teeth in the interior. Normally the just lay flat so that the interior remains smooth, however they react on the users chakra flow. When this flow is distorted by genjutsu the blades immediately start piercing the users arm, thus making him get out of the genjutsu. How deep they pierce depends on the rank of genjutsu: E-rank will only make a scratch, but with S-rank they pierce the arm till just before the bone.

    It works up to S-rank genjutsu (not on Tsukyomi) and it doesn't pierce the main artery, however it hurts like hell. The advantage of this is speed as it works immediately after the genjutsu is cased, the user doesn't even have to realize he was in a genjutsu, while normally you would have to grab a kunai and stab yourself. You only have to wear one bracer and it is strong enough to defend against an incoming sword attack on the arm.

    Hidden underneath the bracers are blades that can retract to hide it even more. Often used in hand-to-hand combat, Madara would swing a punch, aimed to miss and as the enemy grabs his fist, allow the blade to slide out quickly and impale their wrists, making jutsu usage harder for them. Ability below:
    A metal retractable blade. It's a blade consisting of three parts which can be retracted via a mechanism. Just by doing a certain motion with your arm or just by focusing normal chakra in it, the blade can be retracted. It's attached to the inside of your forearm. The first part is rectangular with the mechanism and is attached to your arm. The second part slides out of it and the third part is blade which slides out of the second part. This is done extremely fast. Because it's hidden and it can be retracted extremely fast it's ideal for assassinations, though it can be used for normal combat too. You can carry two hidden blades: one on each arm. Even though the hidden blade is a separate part, it can be used in conjunction with the genjutsu-bracers, which would cover it up even more.

    Hidden between the blade and the bracers is a small tube that conceals needles. Abilities below.
    A very small tube hidden in the bracer parallel with the hidden blade. It has a small mechanism which allows the user to shoot needles out of the tube, one at a time, and it can hold a maximum of five needles. By pulling the mechanism backwards and then make a flick with your arm it shoots the needle. The mechanism only needs to be pulled backwards once, which then retreats for a small part every time a needle is shot. When the fifth needle is shot, the mechanism is back on its original place. The strength and speed of the needle when shot is just a bit more than when you would throw it. It can fire needles up to long range.

    Water Release Mastered
    Earth Release Mastered
    Lightning Release Mastered
    Wind Release Mastered
    Fire Release Mastered
    Your ninjutsu:

    Taijutsu Mastered
    Ninjutsu Mastered
    Genjutsu Mastered
    Summoning Ligers
    Customs My Customs

    Background Information


    Before the era of ninja villages, Madara and his younger brother, Izuna, were considered the most gifted members of the Uchiha clan. Even by his clan's standards, Madara's chakra was especially strong. He grew up constantly competing and training with Izuna and in their efforts to surpass each other, each awakened their Mangekyō Sharingan. With the power of the Mangekyō, the two brothers took control of the clan, with Madara becoming its leader. Under his leadership, the clan conquered all they came across. Because of the never-ending series of battles at the time, Madara eventually began to suffer from overuse of the Mangekyō Sharingan, leaving him blind. In order to regain his sight he took Izuna's eyes for himself, granting him an "eternal" Mangekyō Sharingan with which he led the Uchiha clan to prosperity. While Itachi claimed that Madara took Izuna's eyes without his consent, Tobi, while retelling this event to Sasuke, stated that Izuna willingly gave up his eyes to Madara for the good of his brother and clan. It is unknown which is true.

    Over the years, the Uchiha had constantly fought with the equally powerful Senju clan and as such, Madara had an undying rivalry with Hashirama Senju, the leader of the Senju clan. To bring an end to the constant fighting, Hashirama approached the Uchiha with an offer of peace. Although Madara never wanted peace with the Senju, the rest of the Uchiha wished to end the fighting, and Madara had no choice but to accept. The Senju, the Uchiha, and all the clans they had conquered came together to form the village of Konohagakure. Some time later, the villagers of Konoha selected Hashirama as the village's first Hokage, prompting Madara to contest him for the position. During the time he was a shinobi of Konohagakure, Madara approached Mū and Ōnoki where he informed them that despite the alliance that Iwagakure had made with Konoha, his village was to remain the dominant power and that from that point on, they would obey Konoha. Afterwards, Madara fought and defeated them when they engaged him in battle.

    After realising that he would not be able to replace Hashirama as Hokage, Madara began to fear that Hashirama would begin to oppress the Uchiha and tried to rally support for challenging his leadership. Rather than help him, however, the Uchiha turned their backs on Madara, believing he only desired to rekindle the flames of war.Abandoned by his clan, Madara left the village, sought out Kurama, and subdued it using his Sharingan. He later returned in order to challenge Hashirama in battle. They fought at the site that would someday be called the Valley of the End, where Madara was beaten, despite controlling Kurama and having it at his side. Possession of Kurama was ultimately taken from him by Hashirama's wife, Mito, and Madara was believed to have died. He, however, lived and went into deep exile.

    Other Information

    Theme Song and Background Music:


    Won: Many
    Lost: Few
    Note: Dropping Percy Jackson.

    Permission granted Here.

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