im tellling u obito is going to change to his old self sees that madara is op. u got the juubi resurrected i see no other way for naruto to stand a chance against edo madara without reningan. sasuke aint saven anyone's ass except for himself. here how it goes ninja alliance gets annilated by the jubi except for naruto and some others. obito sees this distruction gets emotional hands naruto everything just like all them dead *****es jiraya. nagato, itachi....etc
naruto playing jesus savin everybodys ass and sasuke is like the buddha seeking the truth. so what happens next is madara destroyed by naruto all of a sudden u see sasuke with a reningan controlling the juubi and we go from zero. naruto barely ia standing on his feet getting mocked by sasuke sees s06p in a vision or something gets up finally knows the anwser that hes been looking for saves sasuke in other words kill the jubi free sasuke and activate raningan special ability reviving everyone's ass u got a happy ending.