In manga chapter 592, Sasuke showed his MS

he hadn't shown that form of eyes since he gain EMS, Some say its a error through Kishi, i believe he still has unknown powers in those eyes before gaining EMS. After all, i'm one that believes that he doesn't posses Tsukuyomi.

In the same chapter he was presented with the scroll from Suigestu that would allow Team Hawk to rule the world. Then Sasuke says he must go see the Oricale to know if he is really 'The One' lol. Anyway, Sasuke needs to meet with Orochimaru. I believe Orochimaru knows more about the Uchiha and the Sharingan then Sasuke could in his entire life, so Sasuke power ups will start after his conversation with Orochimaru.

I believe those powers ups starts with his original MS to EMS to Rinnengan.

- MS, he is still missing or haven't shown some type of power with his own MS.

- EMS, is said to give a new power... Susanoo is not new, so its likely that EMS offers more then just the gate way to Rinnengan.

- Rinnengan, this power up is a must. Sasuke need this just to compete with the top tier of the Manga,

If anyone one has more to add, feel fee to do so. Thanks :D