Really, why complain so much about this chapter?
I dont like every single chapter Kishi releases either, but I feel there was enough good stuff in this one.

We never seen the Shinobi Alliance really do anything before. The whole point of the Alliance was to create a force to be able to match Obito(who was still assumed to be Madara), the Zetsu Army and the Gedo.
Now we can finaly see what that they arent just a bunch of fodders that we never see in action (we have more or less only have been shown scenes of Shinobi's with a name, like Kakashi, konoha 11 etc.).
It was a pretty good strategy imo, by making good use of the talents in each village. It reminded me a little bit about those Anbu that trapped Nagato's dog, only this version was a lot more advanced with kekkei genkai, blinding jutsus and jamming jutsus (and their attack is still not over).
Even though they are up against such an immense power as Juubi + Obito + Madara(Edo even), they manage to pull off some good moves.This Shinobi Alliance is actually really useful.

''Oh noes, everyone can use C's lightning blinding jutsu'', big deal. Its not a kekkei genkai or anything.
''Oh noes, 4 people used Darui's Storm release'', big deal. Its 4 people, among thousands of cloud shinobi.
That is still really rare. I prefer more than 1 person to be able to use it actually. Just as lava release has several users, and magnet release has several users. A kekkei genkai being exclusive to one shinobi only seems weird, cause its passed down by blood. You should inherit it from someone right? So multiple people with said kekkei genkai is fine to exist.

Page 16 I liked the most:

''Only physical attacks work on Madara, anyone who is skilled at taijutsu should attack him''.
Fuk yeah!! Byakugan users vs Madara? Lee vs Madara? Sakura joining as well (although she is a medic, so not sure)?
Naruto with frog Kata? Akimichi clan joining? (Chouza and Chouji have experience in fighting the Rinnegan).
I am really looking forward to taijutsu users vs Madara.

Previous week we were treated with a nice combo of Byakugan and Shintenshin.
This week we were shown some new nice combo attacks and there is more to come.

Everyone can be entitled to their own opinion of course and if you didnt like the chapter, thats fine but I feel like it wasnt really that bad at all, and on second consideration and after reading this thread, you might feel the same.
I do feel it was a bit short (but that is often the case if you want to continue reading ).

So, still a bad chapter?