Ok, so after I've read the last manga chapter, there was a particular panel that caught my attention.
To be more exact, this one:

As we know, Team 7 is the mirror of Team Minato.

So, after seeing that the ninjutsu (such as Kakashi, Naruto) users are going to cooperate with the medical squad (Sakura) are going to engage Obito, it made me believe like something à la Rin will come up next.

Meaning Sakura will get hurt so Naruto will feel the same pain he felt when Rin was killed.

As we know Naruto = Obito.
Sasuke = Kakashi.

Sakura = Rin.

I feel this will be used as a plot development for Naruto to understand why Obito wants to do this dream world.

Also, besides that, Team 7 also reflects The Ame Orpahns team.

And we have as proof, one of Kishi's opening pages.

And as we know, from this team, the one who fought Obito was Konan, the female correspondant of Team 7.

So, after doing all this connections I feel that this will be a plot-device tool development in order for Obito to preach to Naruto about lost hope, there is no such things as heroes, all those stuff.

What are your thoughts on this?

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