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    Madara Doesn´t know about Sasuke, or does he?

    hi everyone.

    we see the first moment obito and madara meet in the present. he had no time to tell him about sasauke and madara thinks that the two of them are the only uchiha remaining. i would love a dialogue like this:

    madara: you can´t win against us. we are the last two uchiha so no one can keep up with our powers!
    the whole alliance looks confused
    obito: ehhm yo madara bro, about that... ehm i think i kinda f**** up
    madara:what do you mean?
    obitoyou know there is a kid, his name is sasuke and he is also an uchiha
    madara:yeah but he is only a kid, we have the EMS!
    obito:eeehm... actuuuuaally he has the ems and imo a pretty good one.
    madara:what?? how did he get that? how does a kid know about all this?
    obito:yeah... i told him and helped him get his brother´s eyes :/ btw i dont even know where he is right now.
    madara:-.- but oke. he still doesn´t know how to awake his rinnegan because u don´t either obito
    obito:YEAHH so i didn´t f*** everything up at least. there is no way he knows...
    sasuke(appears from nowhere):eeeeehm, actually...

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