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    Vayne Yuki

    "From the deepest seas and the highest mountains, his kindness was unrivaled... his wrath unstoppable... Vayne Aurelius"

    Basic Information
    Name : Vayne Theofratus Aurelius Yuki
    Nickname : The Proverbial One, Ice Maniac, Icy Fist Flaming Heart
    Age : 16
    Gender : Male
    Clan : Yuki Clan


    Vayne Aurelius stands 5"4 tall, he has an impeccable arrangement of structure not to muscular, not to fragile, an unblemished balancing of power and agility. Vayne is fathomed by stout blue eyes and radiant grey hair. Vayne is usually noticed by his unique attire consisting of grey pants with mild white stripes on it, a black undershirt with gold stripes around the neck area that is covered with a blue trench coat the reaches Vayne ’s waist and the coat has a portion of the lower shoulder and below covered with white instead of blue and the coat is also characterized by gold stripes that cover the blue area. Vayne also wears a pair of gold striped blue colored shoes. Vayne also carries two swords each sword is located one one side of his waist, the sword of Emperor on his left waist and the sword of Abyss on his right waist, both swords are sheathed inside their Scabbers. He is occasionally seen with a staff attached to his back in a diagonal manner, the staff is propagate to Vayne's height.


    Vayne has a unique personality that is solemnly found in shinobi, his personality is distinguished to be the most suitable for a shinobi, he is calm, calculated, and rather poised. When he is in a duel Vayne cogitates every single option possible ranging from the least effective to the most effective although the most powerful technique isn’t always the most efficient way. Vayne ’s calm and collected personality favors him greatly in battle since Vayne is considered to be a formidable foe unlike many other shinobi. Vayne ’s one and only conundrum is that he gets exceptionally emotional when his friends are either injured or mentally hurt by an opponent, when that happens Vayne becomes in a very unorthodox manner a ruthless thug, he loses his poised personality and becomes a coldblooded merciless killer, although his deduction skills increase and his plans become more sinister.

    When Vayne is in that state of mind he becomes very callous and brutal, not caring for the surroundings breaking every rule of sanity, going to the last extent to stop his opponent and slowly but completely annihilating his foe putting them under immense pain and torture.

    Village Information
    Village of Birth | Kirigakure

    Village of Alliance | Konohagakure

    Rank / Chakra Information

    "Those who prey on the weak shall face my wrath"

    Ninja Rank | Kage


    Ice Release | Wind Release | Water Release


    | | | |

    | Lightning: Completed | Wind: Completed | Earth: Completed | Water: Completed | Fire: Completed | Rain: Undergoing Test

    = Other Training =

    | 萬 Ninjutsu: Completed | 拳 Taijutsu: In Training | 剣術 Kenjutsu: Completed(Non-Samurai) | Kite Summoningsigner | Chimpamzee Summoning signer

    Yuki Clan

    = Ice Release (氷遁 Hyouton) =

    Being a member from the Yuki Clan, Vayne has the ability to manipulate both the water and wind elements in order to create a third new element which is known as ice. Ice release is feared element throughout the world, very few are the ones who posses this special ability and even fewer whom are capable of manipulating it with ease. Vayne was lucky enough to be able to manipulate this element, and after years of rigorous training with Hazama Vayne has mastered this element completely and he has even created a ice technique that he uses to pass Judgment to his enemies.

    Water&Wind Affinity

    After extensive training with LiLi-Chwan, and water being one of the main elements in Vayne KG, he is capable of performing Water oriented techniques through the usage of a single hand seal. Wind being the second element in his KG Vayne has the ability to perform wind techniques faster than normal people.


    Vayne is renounced to be a very smart shinobi, whom always has a escape route and defensive plan, he also noted to be able to make plans in matters of second, the plans were always clean and well executed.

    Vayne being born in Kirigakure is adapted to the misty weather of Kirigakure as any other Kirigakure shinobi.

    Background Information

    "The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned."

    Vayne was born in the village of kirigakure, the first 6 years of Vayne's age is un-known, he remembers nothing of his first six years of birth. He was found one day near a lake in kirigakure by a man named Kirabi, Kirabi took Vayne away from the village hidden in the mist and took him to his own village which was Kumogakure, their Vayne lived for seven years, in his time there he trained with a man named Piccolo-San in wind release, a man named Drizzeh took interest in Vayne and swooped him away from Piccolo-San and continued his training in wind allowing him to master the element with ease. In the seven years Vayne spent in Kumogakure he traveled a lot, and with one of his travels he met a name named Sharingdork whom trained him in lightning release, he also met a man named Korra whom continued the lightning release training.

    After the seven years have passed Vayne went to Konoha and became a shinobi of Konoha, their he met some weird fruit cakes and shady characters (>_>). In his stay their Vayne met a man named Mugen Ryuku whom trained him in suiton, after a while Mugen disappeared and from that time on nothing is known of Mugen, Vayne then sought a woman named LiLi-Chwan whom continued his training in water. After that Vayne traveled towards Iwa and he met on his way a man named house whom trained him in earth, as they were training house got killed, so an individual named Gaara completed Vayne's earth training. Once Vayne reached Iwa he met a man named Hazama that showed Vayne that he has the yuki clan KG Hazama trained Vayne in the KG seeing great potential in Vayne, he even trained Vayne in katon in order for Vayne to roast marshmallows. While he was in Iwa Vayne formed a rivalry with a man named Tybone, they constantly spared each other.
    Vayne one day met a man named Kiritsugu that fought Vayne all he new about Ninjutsu and he decided to train Vayne in taijutsu as well. Vayne then returned to Konoha and met a man named Typhon whom loves swords a lot, Typhon trained Vayne in kenjutsu. Vayne also went to Amegakure to learn the rain element.

    Background Music & Theme Song
    • Colours- Group Love
    • Public Enemy No.1- MegaDeth

    Won: Don't know
    Lost:Don't know

    -Mehish bio, made it in half an hour >_>
    -Dropping Haku and Updating Vayne to a certain degree.
    -Scorps permission for Custom Ice

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