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    No hope for Narutobase

    What's wrong with you people? This was one of the most epic chapters yet. If you didn't like this chapter people, just stop reading now. This was Kishi's way of building up the final war battle. The world vs the Jyuubi! This chapter was just awesomeness and epicness building up til the end we see SM Naruto jumping down at the Jyuubi. You people must be those people that like to act like nothing surprises you and entertains you anymore cause you're just too cool. I've been on this website since it was made back in April of 2008 and all I can say is that I've given up on Narutobase and I did a while ago because you all don't get it. And it's pointless explaining because it seems that 90% of the posters are 16 year olds that won't change their ignorant mind for anything.

    This isn't a hatred thread, this is a "I can't believe how ignorant people are" thread.

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