Did anyone think it was weird that uraharra jumped on board to go to hueco Mundo with ichigo. Well I believe the reason lie's here. He went to hueco to gather data on juha meaning he went there to see if juha could steal the espada's ressurecion. The man is a genius he probly though if juha cannot steal a ressurecion then all kisuke would have to do is make a type of barrier or anti theft device by anylizing the data from the differences between bankai and ressurecion and setup a type of device that keeps from stealing bankai.

Also there seems to be a weird development as kisuke and yourichi's playground has a healing spring that was developed in the royal guard which means the royal guard scientist left records of her developing the one in Kirin. How else would kisuke think of the same idea he is a man of research having data from the one in Kirin would only make sense.
Seems weird they knew of kisuke's hot spring though.