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    Custom Weapons

    Allow two CWs..

    Why can we only have one custom weapon, we can use weapons of other people yet we are not allowed to make 2 weapons ourselves.

    Why would I want that?
    I like if bios own weapon that is special for them, instead of making a weapon for multiple bios, something only that one person use.

    I wouldn't mind if making two weapons would mean that they are bound to single bio, thus cannot be used by anyone else (either one weapon for two bios and usable by other RPers, or two weapons bound to specific bios).
    Ofcourse, I wouldn't mind just simply increasing the allowed number of CWs to two, with no other changes.

    This would not give more work for mods or make people more "OP" imo, it would just make few people happier ^^

    I've had the situation where I've wanted a bio-specific weapon for both of my bios and had to choose between one or the other, so it would be nice having the option for both.

    1 CW, but it IS bio specific. I don't see why it would be a problem to have more than one CW, especially if they are tied to a bio, and like said, the rule that you could only have one CW in use in a battle at a time continues as is.

    So what do you think?
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