Hey Base! Since 612 came out, there have been a lot of threads and posts saying how 612 sucked (I would know, I made plenty). I've noticed that every time there is a huge number of people hating on the new chapter, there is always someone who says something a long the lines of "well it's free, so don't complain" or "ask for a refund". So I would like to take the time to address these people.

I am still standing by what I said about this chapter; it sucked. The only reason I am mad is because I expect a lot more from Kishi, and I think a lot of other people would agree. I wouldn't read Naruto weekly and join a website named Naruto Base if I wasn't a fan of Naruto. Sometimes the chapters let us down, and we just have to vent our disappointment. I know it may be hard to believe, but when people dislike a chapter, we aren't just complaining to look like entitled jerks, we are complaining because we know it wasn't the author's best work.

I'll conclude this thread by saying, let's all peacefully agree to disagree.

Thank you,