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    怒り 平和 Jak

    "You know what? Do it your way and I'll do it mine. Just don't come crying to me when the walls fall down."

    Basic Information
    Name: Jak
    Nickname: Mainlander
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Clan: N/A


    "Dark? Dirty? Dangerous? I'm beginning to like this war."

    His outfits maintain a basic pattern of blue shirt/jacket and beige trousers. The armor on his left shoulder has remained on it for years. He has a lean and muscular build, as well as yellow-green hair and cerulean blue eyes. He has long and pointy ears, just like an elf. He wears a pair of goggles in everywhere he goes......even to go to sleep. He also has a metallic ring strapped to his chest, which remains here sometimes being replaced by a similar strap.
    His hair has ranged from spiky and long to short and rough throughout his years. Plus the appearance of his goatee and a possible mustache and beard. He has a stable height of "5'10".

    Jak evolves drastically after the death of his brother. Before, he is presented as brave and curious, willing to throw himself into dangerous situations. After his death, accomplishing his brothers wishes is his main motive, and he has become angry and reckless. He also takes some enjoyment in seeing his enemies fall. Nonetheless, Jak does retain some heroic personality traits. Later on, he becomes less angry and more mature. When he accepts his brothers death and his new ninja life he relaxed somewhat though sometimes he shows that the anger still exists under the calmer exterior.

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: Konohagakure
    Village of Alliance: Konohagakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank:S-Jounin
    Specialty: N/A


    Your ninjutsu:
    Ninjutsu-Basic E-rank

    Background Info.


    I always hated the way the sunlight filtered through the window. It always came in small splotches that always seemed to dance across my face whenever I tried to move. Everything that day had begun so... normally. I had woken up in the small little hut that was to be my families home on the outskirts of a place we were always forbidden to go. My parents never spoke the name of the great lumbering village that was only a few meters away from our living space, but enough travelers had come and gone past that my older brother and I found out quickly.


    Never before had a name sounded so strange and alluring to our ears. Travelers had told us stories of grand ninjas flying high above in the trees with their strange weapons and ninjutsu. Those tales were once thought far beyond our imagination. We had only ever known the life of our small hut. It was a constant routine, etched into our minds and souls, making so that no matter how hard one tried, you could not break that pattern. Being the younger brother, I was the one who confronted mother and father with my brother and I's dreams.
    "Mom, dad." I began. "Daxter and I were hoping...that maybe one'd let us enter the village to train as ninja?" I spoke the last part so fast that the words began to run together, but I could tell by their facial expression that they had understood perfectly.
    My father grabbed me roughly by the shoulders and shook me violently.
    "You must NEVER enter that village! I forbid it! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?" He yelled.
    Somehow I managed to shake my head in agreement, though I could feel my insides churning in disappointment.
    "Good." he said through a struggled calm posture.
    I looked over his shoulder to see mother fuming, her usually snowy white hair which always resembled lightly falling snow took on the image of a blizzard as she stomped out of the hut and slammed the front door.
    Never again did I ask about the village.


    Though I did not ask about it, the village grew evermore as a glorious goal we hoped to achieve. On the rare days both mother and father were out, Daxter and I would sit and listen to the wondrous workings of the inner village. Children were always laughing, adults were always, yelling at the laughing children, and yet it had remained peaceful. The allure the village held was great, but my fear of seeing mother and father act to strangely again was greater.
    I had done worse things than that before, so why was simply asking about the village enough to bring out my parents wrath? Asking myself these questions, I concluded, was pointless. They made it very clear that we were not to set foot in the village.
    But while my fear was enough to keep my curiosity at bay, my brother on the other hand only seemed fueled by it.
    "If it got that kind of reaction out of dad, then it must be grander than we had imagined." he mused to me one day.
    As the days past, while my sense of curiosity grew dimmer he grew more and more infatuated with the idea of Kohona. I wondered if he would ever leave it be and come back into the safe repetitive life we had grown accustomed to......

    Last Wish

    As days turned into months, and the months turned into years, my older brother spent less and less time in our home and more time "stepping out" as he put it. Sometimes it would only last hours until he came back, other times he would stay away for weeks on end. I sat there alone in the room we once shared at night, watching as the moonlight illuminated the dark corners of the room.
    Where are you big brother? I thought to myself.
    When he returned, I began to notice small cuts and bruises littering the visible parts of his body. Mom and dad always went hysterical whenever he did.
    "Its just a scratch." He assured them, "I wasn't watching where I was going a tripped is all. I'll be more careful next time."
    There would be no next time............
    The last time my brother left it had been exactly a month before we had started to worry.
    "Where could that empty-headed boy be?" mother fretted.
    "I don't know, but when he returns I'll be sure to ground him until the prospect of freedom is merely an ideal to him." Father said.
    A few days later there was a knock on the door in the middle of the night.
    "Who could be pounding on the door some damn hard in the middle of the night like that?" My father groaned.
    "It is most likely our son coming back." Mother said as she made her way to the door.
    As it flung open, I knew something was wrong.
    Two grim-looking men stood firmly in the doorway, and on their faces was etched a look of pure sorrow.
    "W-whats going on?" Mother questioned.
    "We are sorry to inform you that your son has died valiantly in the third shinobi war." The man on the left said in a hollow voice.
    I had heard tales of the war from passerby but I had never really gave much thought to it. I was sure that the war would have little to no effect on our little household......and now it had claimed the life of my brother.
    Everything next was pretty much a blur. Mother sank to her knees and sobbed loudly, while dad just stood there, shock evident on his face.
    "We have a letter for the young brother of Daxter......" They began.
    "Give it to me." I demanded through the shock.
    Without a sound they carefully slid the letter into my hands. Unfolding it through shaking fingers, it read,


    By the time you read this, I'll probably have messed around and gotten myself killed in this war. Oh man, there is so many things I want to be able to tell you in person, but... I'll keep it short on the account that mom and dad probably need you right now.
    Jak, being a ninja....its the greatest feeling in the world. There is so much out there that can't be experienced in that small hut we call a home. Nothing I have ever felt before becoming a ninja can possibly amount to that feeling I had when I mastered my first jutsu. Well except the moment when mom and dad brought you home.
    But that's beside the point lil bro. The point is..........I want you to at least begin to experience the happiness I felt at becoming a shinobi. If you still have that small spark of curiosity I remember you had, a week after you receive this letter travel to the village when mom and dad are asleep, and seek out a man named Kiritsugu. He will be able to help you begin your journey.
    I will always love you,
    "What did he write Jak?" Dad asked as he tried to take my letter.
    With a jerk, I pulled it closer to my chest and held on for dear life.
    "What's wrong?" Mom asked.
    I simply bolted out the door and ran........
    I returned late at night t find my parents sound asleep upon the sofa, the tear stains running down their faces evident.
    I'm so sorry you guys. I thought to myself.
    In a matter of minutes, my things were packed and I was prepared to leave. I gave one last glance in the direction of my parents and muttered softly,
    "This is just something I have to do. Not only for Daxter but for myself, please understand." and with that I stepped into the night, and onto the road that would hopefully fulfill my brothers wishes and answer my question,
    What is waiting for me in this ninja world?



    Theme Song and Background Music:


    Won: N/A
    Lost: N/A

    Will be dropping my previous bio,Tatsuo if approved.

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