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    Boy Sits on Santa's Lap, Realizes It's Father-in-Law 13 Years Later

    So this dude like 13 years ago sat in a santas lap at the mall and got his picture taken( he was a kid at the time)

    Now 13 years later he is getting married , and his mom who was looking through family photos, says" she thinks one of his old santa pictures was of him sitting in his new father in laws lap"

    The guy at first didnt believe her, but after a bit he realized it really was him.

    To make it a bit stranger the guys family had just moved in from ohio that year, and that was the only year the father in law did a santa at that mall, and the guy has been santa for 2 decades.
    And the guy only went on santas lap to appease his younger sister.

    Thats just kinda strange.

    here is the article here:

    (i do gatta say that "santa" has a good looking daughter)

    a coincidence of my own, is im from a city called chattanooga, and this summer i went to a work at a camp in northern minnesota, there my boss, it turned out lived a block away from the school i was going to attend later that fall(this fall) that is in a different city knoxville....this camp employs people from all over the country, and there are very few that come from the same city, unless they were friends...)(and he looks like a senile santa claus, lol)

    feel free to comment, share your own strange story, or do nothing....i just shared this because it just shows how small a world we live in

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    Re: Boy Sits on Santa's Lap, Realizes It's Father-in-Law 13 Years Later

    It's a small world after all

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