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    Naruto's Best Counter against juubi :D

    Well this threads idea just sprout out in a spur of the moment while i was driving home... when i hop out in the car i heard a frog sound [ it was raining early that night ] then i remember Naruto's summoning :D hahaha...

    My point is :

    Here in this chap it was said that the juubi is a mass of natural energy

    So I believe that NARUTOS BEST COUNTER WOULD BE SUMMONING THE TOADS especially MA and PA and turn into SAGE MODE or more better THE MODE we all been waiting for SM and KM combine

    reasons :

    1. fight natural energy [ JUUBI ] VS natural energy [ SAGE MODE ]

    2. Ma and Pa and the toads will be more experience and has vast knowledge bout natural energy; they can make
    battle strategies base on that knowledge and experience...

    3. this maybe Out of topic but what if by summoning the toads , karuma and the toads can formulate that idea that
    it is possible for them to combine SM and KM ... hahah ... that is what i hope for :D

    So... this is the result when you drive alone... :D
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