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    (Early Years Series) Chapter II ~ The Wrong Path.

    Jiraya....wait....where are you going?!

    Sarutobi follows Jiraya as he makes his way down the road but gets no answers.

    Won't you stay to help out?

    Jiraya stops dead in the middle of the road.


    He slowly picks up speed as his walk turns into a jog.


    He finally skids to a halt and stares at a house size gap between two buildings.

    They...didn't.....the bath house!....NNNNNNOOOOOOO!

    Jiraya falls to his knee's with his head in his hands.


    Jiraya screams as he throws his hands into the air. As he regains his breath he notices a crowd has gathered around him.

    *cough to clear throat*...well...that's...ok *stretches arms out as if yawning* So.....better be going now...

    Jiraya catches Sarutobi's eyes filled with flames of anger.

    I will find who did this! That is my promise!

    Jiraya then forms a single hand seal and uses the "Body Flicker Technique" to disappear in a cloud of smoke. As the smoke clears and the crowds disperse, a single boy remains standing there fixated on the stop Jiraya has just vanished from. The boy approaches, as he has noticed a book on the ground, he picks it up and reads the title "Make-out-session-paradise". The boy jumps as his name is called by a friend so quickly stashed the book in his pocket.

    Kakashi hurry up will you!

    Jiraya appears in a poof of smoke at the crumbling gates of Konha. Taking in a deep breath he takes his first step out of the village, the first time he has ventured out on a mission for no other reason than revenge. The feeling clings to his chest like a heavy weight that he can only remove once his mission is complete.

    Better get prepared. I will first visit Kirigakure...our past makes them prime suspects. I will gather what information I can and go from there. I will need to stock up, this trip will be a long one....

    Jiraya heads swiftly off to gather supplies from the next village which only takes him a few hours after his arrival to acquire almost everything he needs. He checks his list again and spots his final items.

    Hmmm....shurikens and kunais.

    Looking around he spots the store and makes his way inside.


    The store is quite small, with ninja tools covering all the walls and even hanging from the ceiling. Jiraya knocks things as he makes his way to the back of the store.


    As Jiraya gets to the back wall and scans the room once again he hears what sounds like footsteps from behind him. Quickly turning around he can see no one.

    Seriously?...I am trying to give you business here.....hello?

    Again the sound of footsteps seem to be getting closer and closer but he can still see no one. Confused, Jiraya moves forward to leave the shop but as he does he feels a pulling on his belt. He again spins around but can see no one. Then the sound of footsteps make there way away from him towards the door.

    What the....?

    Then as if out of nowhere a voice from the door breaks the silence.


    Coming out to investigate Jiraya can see an old man sat in the middle of the road as if he has fallen over.

    Are you ok?

    Jiraya asks while offering him a hand.

    Yes I suppose. Kids these day's...he didn't even apologise.



    The old man points down the road. Jiraya follows his arm down the road until he spots a young man running away.

    Oh, maybe he is just in a rush....

    Jiraya looks a little harder and notices something strapped to the young mans waist, his wallet.

    -___- ....

    GET BACK HERE!!!!!!

    Jiraya takes off down the road after the young man dropping the old man as he tries to stand.

    Uff...young people!!!!

    Jiraya dodges people and jumps over carts as he gets closer and closer to the young man running away.


    Looking back, the young man spots Jiraya in pursuit. He then takes a sharp right hand turn down a dead end alleyway blocked by a huge wall. Jiraya momentarily loses sight of him as he turns the corner but is only a few steps behind him. As Jiraya turns the corner he stops looking at the dead end, the huge wall and nothing else.


    Looking around Jiraya moves forward to look a little closer. The floor is covered in water and the wall matches the grey colour of the two buildings it stands between.

    You must be here somewhere....

    Slowly stepping deeper into the alleyway Jiraya notices a faint sound of the water being distured to his right hand side. Turning quickly he see's nothing but the wood of the wall.


    Jiraya swings his long white hair forward and it stretches outward to grab at the empty space infront of him.


    From in front of Jiraya a man suddenly appears out of thin air with Jirayas huge hair tangled around their entire body.

    GET OFF ME!!!!

    Jiraya, shocked at having apprehended an apparently invisible man, takes his pouch from his belt and attaches it to his own.

    Your first mistake was stealing from me, your second was thinking you could out run me and thirdly.....would be for you not to answer the following questions.

    The boy has given up struggling to be released and is now staring at Jiraya as he begins his interigation.

    What is your name?

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