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    Madara Uchiha's Bio/Ability Permission thread


    Ok, our profiles are getting too crowded and its been hard to maintain an acurate level of control on the permissions issued for bios and other things requiring bio permission. Some vms get missed and we can't possibly hope to reply to everyone if this keeps up. Not only that but we like to keep a reccord of the permissions we issue and that has become impossible. So, we decided to make this joint thread to help us organize ourselves a bit better.

    How will it work?
    Simple, if you want to ask me permission for a bio or an ability or something that requires an RP mod's permission to us (Scorps or Madara Uchiha), you will do so here and not on our profiles through VM/PM.

    How do I do it?
    Simply use this template and check the thread on a daily basis to see when we reply.

    PHP Code:
    [B]Asking permission for:[/B]
    B]Moderator I'm asking permission to:[/B]
    [B]Do I fit every requirements in the rules for it:[/B]
    [B]Why do i want this ability/bio/etc:[/B]
    [B]Other bios I have:[/B]
    [B]Other data of relevance for consideration:[/B] 
    In the last point, please note its not mandatory but may help us understand why the permission should be given or why you deserve.

    Note: this thread serves for permissions that would otherwise be given through VM/PM, not anything else. Every information you detail or provide is legally binding, meaning that lying or deceiving me will lead to harsh punishments. Don't use the thread for complaints, custom issues or for discussion of any kind. Failling to abide may lead to infractions or harsh replies or even a lifetime of "NO". By posting here you are agreeing to follow these guidelines and the rules of the forum and the RP and understand the punishments that may be issued for not doing so.
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