Plot Protection or Plot-no-Jutsu (PnJ) does not exist in Narutoverse. Here are the main reasons as to why people claim Plot Protection or PnJ:
  • Their preferred character losses or is losing a fight.
  • The story arc of the manga is not going how they want it.
  • They can’t comprehend the totality of the whole plot.
  • They don’t account for character personalities and traits that do have an effect on the plot.

To give out evidence, here are some of the most recent PnJ claims I’ve seen, disproved. I will also include an example of what a real PnJ is. Do not reply if you did not read as I will not answer.

A Real Plot-no-Jutsu (non-existent):

Naruto is fighting Pain and is about to die. Suddenly, Sasuke comes flying in and both saves Naruto and defeats Pain. He explains that he had encountered and defeated Itachi, and decided to come back to the village to see how things were going. Once he came back, he saw the situation and came to Naruto’s aid because he unprecedentedly changed his mind set and goals.

Plot no Jutsus disproved:

1.“OMG dude the Juubi could just wipe out everyone in the battlefield and then Madara and Obito could win! LOL Kishi is a stupid writer; plot hole and PnJ are so annoying!”

  • No, and the reason behind it is simple. Madara and Obito are alive and doing all that they have done to fulfill their only goal: Eye of the Moon Plan.
  • What is this? Also known as Infinite Tsukuyomi, the Eye of the Moon Plan is a very powerful genjutsu that can only be cast by the one who controls the Juubi. Its purpose is to entrap every living person in an illusion in order to make the world a better place by preventing war and hatred.
  • If they wipe out the whole Shinobi Alliance –taking note that already countless men and women have died as part of the war- the only people left would be elderly men, a few reconnaissance shinobi like Shikaku and Inoichi, and the children. Not worth the whole Eye of the Moon Plan, right? Exactly. Moving on.

2.“PnJ is so annoying! UGH KISHI WTF!?? Madara could just annihilate Naruto and the others so easily!”

  • No, and again, the reason behind it is simple. You have to take into account that Madara has the attention span and attitude of a spoiled 5-year-old brat. This is why he fooled around with the Kages for I don’t know how many chapters before finally beating them. He also wants to toy around with the Juubi’s powers.
  • He tried to kill Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy with many TTBs and Countless TTB’s but failed to do so. If you don’t like it, that your problem. However, it is not a plot hole or plot protection. That’s one of Madara’s weaknesses, his personality.

3.“Tobi could have simply kidnapped Naruto during the Uchiha Clan Massacre.”

No. Here are the reasons why:

  • The UCM occurred shortly after Obito’s attack on Konoha with the Kyuubi. During this attack, he kidnapped Kushina and held baby Naruto hostage. He extracted the beast from Kushina and ordered it to attack Konoha. His plan ultimately failed because Minato defeated him and sealed the Nine-tails into Naruto. Obito retreated.
  • He re-appeared during the UCM; however, this time with Itachi. Itachi let him aid in his massacre if he accepted to leave Konoha and Sasuke alone, Obito agreed.
  • If Obito had tried to kidnap Sasuke, Itachi would have come after him. Something nobody wants. Secondly, if Itachi somehow failed, Hiruzen would have realized Naruto had been kidnapped and would have gone immediately just as Minato did. The reason being because the Jinchuuriki is a crucial aspect for the high-elite of any village. The common people might shun him away, but the higher-ups know that the Jinchuuriki is a powerful asset to the village’s protection and attack power during any attack or war.

Characters make mistakes, they have personalities which guide their actions and the plot has a storyline more than just senseless VS battle –that, in many cases, could never be carried out coherently as we think they would. If you believe in PnJ, you simple do not understand the manga in its totality.