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Sasuke is commented by Killer Bee to have the same Speed/Reaction as Raikage, Killer Bee never said if the Raikage used Lighting Armor or not when he dodged him. Susanoo has also shown to be able to withstand a jutsu like Kirin which is at the same power level as Rasen-Shuriken. Sasuke is able to activate Amaterasu around himself in a instant, seen when Sasuke activates it during Raikage's attack, and after what you said then that means his attack lasts just a few seconds if even a second. So no matter how fast Naruto can run, Sasuke will still be able to activate it. Sasuke can also hit multiple targets at once with his amaterasu.
1st: Speed and reaction is not the same thing. Bee said Sasuke has reaction/reflex close to Raikage. Sasuke is able to keep up with Raikage but wasn't able to dodge him, hence why he pulled up the amaterasu shield.

2nd: Kirin is not at same level as Rasengan Shuriken as demonstrated before. RS penetrates Susano'O and Kirin doesn't.

3rd: It's irrelevant if Sasuke can activate the amaterasu shield as the BM Kagebunshin can still land the hit it might burn but the nine tails chakra will keep the flames away long enough to land the blow, and then the kagebunshin will simply vanish. As for trying to hit the clones with anything that's simply unrealistic. BM clones are way too fast for anything Sasuke has in his arsenal.

Not to mention that Sasuke won't be expecting Naruto as he is. He has yet not seen Naruto's current speed nor power and won't be expecting not to be able to avoid a blow.