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    うちはオビト Uchiha Obito


    “You can't win in this world, no matter how much you struggle. By now you should know… that there is no hope in this world…!”

    Basic Information
    Name: うちはオビト Uchiha Obito || トビ Tobi
    Nickname: うちはマダラ Uchiha Madara
    Age: 13
    Clan: Uchiha

    Looks: As a child, Obito had short, spiky, black hair and black eyes. He wore a long sleeved blue uniform with metal plating on the part that reached the back of his hands, as well as a blue jacket with an orange collar and trimmings. The jacket was fastened to the rest of the outfit by two buttons on the collar, and has the Uchiha clan crest at the back. He also wore a white belt, shinobi sandals, the standard Konoha forehead protector, and a pair of goggles with orange lens connected to ear protectors. After he was retrieved from Kusagakure, Madara replaced his destroyed right side with artificial substance from Hashirama's living clone. The right side of his face still remains heavily scarred. During his rehabilitation, Obito grew his hair out. He eventually cut it back down to the short length as in his childhood some time before the Nine-Tails' attack on Konoha. During his meetings with Itachi and Kisame respectively, Obito was seen with long hair yet again, but he later cut it back to its usual style permanently. As Tobi, Obito created an orange mask with spiral-pattern that only shows his right eye, a reminiscence of when Swirl Zetsu encased him. Under his Akatsuki cloak, he wears a black long-sleeve top that also covers his neck and chin, a pair of black gloves, and a pair of dark-coloured pants along with the standard Akatsuki shoes and white stirrups. On his waist, he wears a thick black belt with armour-like metal plates attached to it. He wore the same metal plates on his shoulders with a green scarf before becoming Deidara's partner. He wore blue nail polish on his fingers and toes (black in the manga). As Tobi, he wore Sasori's ring on his left thumb.

    Personality: In his youth, Obito was constantly late, which more often than not, was due to the good deeds he had stopped to do, which usually had to do with aiding the elderly. Having made it a point in his life to do so, he noted that he knew all the elderly persons in Konoha, stopped once on his way to the Chūnin Exams to help an elderly woman carry her luggage, and even comically offered to clean Madara's nether regions when he met him. Obito was also easily moved to tears, which he always insisted was because he had gotten something in his eyes despite wearing goggles. Obito was in love with Rin; but his feelings were not mutual as Rin was attracted to Kakashi instead. Obito was frustrated by this, and envied Kakashi's prodigious skills, and so constantly sought to surpass him. Although these efforts usually ended in failure, he was able to spend time with Rin while she treated his injuries. Ultimately, Obito would never get the chance to reveal his feelings to Rin before his "death". As Kakashi noted, besides his student's rivalry with Sasuke and one-sided feelings for a female team-mate, Naruto shared other beliefs Obito had, such as his desire to become Hokage and never abandoning comrades on the battlefield. Even after "dying", Obito still cared deeply for his friends and village, and immediately wanted to return, though upon witnessing Kakashi taking Rin's life, his determination shattered, and his personality forever changed.

    Village Information.
    Village of Birth: Konohagakure
    Village of Alliance: Iwagakure

    Rank & Chakra Information

    Rank: Unofficial Sage
    • Water Release
    • Fire Release
    • Sharingan
    • Taijutsu
    • Genjutsu

    • Water Release
    • Lightning Release
    • Wind Release
    • Fire Release
    • Earth Release

    忍術 体術 強力な拳 中身 万華鏡

    Ninjutsu - Mastered | Genjutsu- Mastered | Taijutsu - Mastered | Kaito's Taijutsu - Mastered | Kenjutsu - Mastered | Sharingan - 3 Tomoe

    Background Information


    In the day that he was to become a student at the Academy, Obito arrived late to the opening ceremony. Believing that he arrived too late he was relieved when Rin Nohara handed him his orientation-documents. He would eventually graduate at the age of 9 was was placed in Team Minato with Rin and Kakashi Hatake under the leadership of Minato Namikaze. The team took part in the Chūnin Exams, where Obito arrived late for a second round in the Forest of Death having stopped to help an elderly woman. When Team Minato ran across an enemy team, Obito attempted to impress Rin with the Uchiha clan's fire technique, but ended up chocking on the candy the elderly woman gave him and was promptly defeated by Might Guy. Training extensively between the second and third round and told Rin his dream of becoming Hokage. He was however eliminated from the exams in another bout with Guy, who was then beaten by Kakashi allowing him to rise to the rank of chūnin. Obito did attain the rank some years later but was overshadowed by Kakashi becoming a jōnin and the subsequent surprise celebration Rin was planning for him.

    During the Third Shinobi World War, Kakashi was placed in charge of the team for a mission to destroy the Kannabi Bridge, which would hinder Iwagakure from using Kusagakure as a relief point. Before beginning the mission, Minato and Rin gave gifts to Kakashi to celebrate his promotion to jōnin, though Obito had forgotten thus straining an already poor relationship. Minato would soon be called to the front lines, leaving the team to carry on the mission alone. The three were then discovered by Iwa-nin and Rin was captured. Kakashi elected to abandon Rin, believing it was more important to finish the mission before concerning themselves with her safety. Obito became enraged at the idea and insisted that they focus on her rescue. When Kakashi refused, Obito left on his own, remarking that Kakashi was worse than scum for abandoning his friends.

    Obito found the cave the Iwa-nin were using as a hideout, but before he could make much progress, was found and attacked by a camouflaged Taiseki. Kakashi having a change of heart because of Obito's parting words, arrived and saved Obito, shielding him from Taiseki's attack, but damaging his left eye in the process. To save his team-mate, Obito awakened his Sharingan for the first time, allowing him to see through Taiseki's camouflage and kill him. The two found and released Rin from her restraints, prompting Kakkō to bring the cave down around them. As they made their escape, Kakashi's limited vision greatly hindered him, and when Obito noticed he was about to be crushed by a falling boulder in his blind spot, he pushed him out of the way and became trapped under the rubble in his place, crushing the right half of his body. With no way to escape, Obito accepted his fate and made an offering: to give Kakashi his left Sharingan as an apology for forgetting to get him a present earlier.

    Rin performed the transplant and once the procedure was finished, Kakashi used his new Sharingan to kill Kakkō. The Iwa reinforcements quickly began to further compress the rubble forcing Kakashi and Rin to leave Obito behind. As the rocks tightened around him, Obito lamented that he had finally became friends with Kakashi and failed he couldn't confess his feelings for Rin. Afterwards, Minato rescued Kakashi and Rin and Obito was believed dead, his name marked in Konoha's memorial.

    Obito was somehow rescued by an elderly Madara Uchiha who took the Uchiha to the Mountains' Graveyard. Though his Sharingan was miraculously unharmed, the entire side of his body from the neck down was completely destroyed, prompting Madara to reconstruct half of his body using parts of Hashirama's living clone. Telling Obito that he now owes him his life, Obito instead declared he wanted to return to Konoha and be with his friends. Madara informed him that his new body would prevent him from becoming a shinobi again, and that in the end it wouldn't matter. Madara preached about the harsh nature of reality and how he has a plan to change the world. Still unconvinced, but otherwise unable to leave, Obito remained in the Mountain Graveyard to recuperate. During his recuperation, he met and became friends with White Zetsu and one of his many clones while undergoing rehabilitation in order to use his new limbs.


    Water Affinity: Even though Obito was born in Konohgakure, he is capable of performing every single water technique with jjust one single hand seal.

    Other Information


    Theme Song and Background Music:
    Won: -
    Lost: -


    • Dropping Byakuran biography.
    • Permission granted for the bio from Scorps
    • This is Obito with one eye and phasing migration

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